Big Shot Guest Mix 323: The Micronaut


On the eve of the release of his third full-length album, Forms (watch a trailer for it here), which is out on December 9 via Acker Records, German multi-instrumentalist and producer Stefan Streck (a.k.a. The Micronaut) takes control of the latest Big Shot Guest Mix and doesn’t disappoint.

Drawing from the energy and passion he brings to the 100+ live shows he performs each year, Streck creates a stylistically diverse musical narrative on the 18-track mix featuring bold, techy and deep selections from a range of artists including Zomby, Funkstörung, Dapayk & Padberg, Evil Nine and Bicep.

“This mix includes tracks that touch me really deep,” says the Leipzig-based Streck of the guest mix. “I can’t say exactly what it is but it’s got heart. There are some old ones and some very new ones as well but the level of production is off the roof.”

Big Shot Guest Mix 323: The Micronaut

  1. Dualist Inquiry – “Sleepwalker” (dualism Records)
  2. Mosca – “Kneecap” (AnnAimee)
  3. Erosion Flow – “Syvv” (Man Make Music)
  4. Breach – “Fatherless” (Doc Daneeka Remix) (PTN)
  5. Velvit – “No Excuses” (17 Steps)
  6. Zomby – “It’s Time” (2AD Records)
  7. The Micronaut – “Parallax” (Acker Records)
  8. Funkstörung – “Who Is Who” (Monkeytown)
  9. Dapayk & Padberg – “New Mini” (MosFerry)
  10. Here Is Why – “Tonight” (Adam Port Remix) (Keinemusik)
  11. Drew X Hill – “Bullets” (Born Electric)
  12. Velvit – “Passing Encounter” (Convex Industries)
  13. Bicep – “Closing Sequence” (50Weapons)
  14. Evil Nine – “Your Girl” (Broken Music Syndicate)
  15. Synkro – “Here’s Your” (Box Clever)
  16. Kiruma – “Silver Skull” (?)
  17. Shawni & 23∆d – “Feel Love” (?)
  18. The Flashbulb – “Once Weekly” (Alphabasic)

Big Shot Guest Mix 322: The Shaker


DJ/producer Pete “The Shaker” Bones has been there and done that during his career. He’s played his brand of progressive house and techno at clubs all over the world; released tracks on labels including Superfreq, City Seven, Nosi, Bedrock; remixed cuts for FFRR, London Records and XL—all while helming his Red Ant label. After signing tracks to Superfreq, NOSI, City Seven, and We are Here Music in 2015, this year Bones signed tracks to John Digweed’s Bedrock imprint and inked a new global distribution deal for Red Ant. To commemorate the release of his Bring Your Love Down EP, which was issued this month on Red Ant, Bones crafted a rockin’ 11-track guest mix featuring cuts by Superpitcher, Daniel Casa, Zombies in Miami and Marino Canal. “The inspiration for this mix came from a set I played recently in the courtyard of a stately 13th century mansion in England,” Pete tells us. “The party is called What The? and is a yearly event, a two-day retreat for those who know during the beautiful British summertime.” Check the mix below and catch him at New World Brewery in Tampa on October 15.

Big Shot Guest Mix 322: The Shaker

  1. Superpitcher – “People” (Kompakt)
  2. The Shaker – “Snow Globe” (Red Ant)
  3. Pete Bones – “Iron Curtain” (Red Ant)
  4. Eddie Vedder – “The Wolf” (Niko Schwind Remix) (White)
  5. Daniel Casa – “After Warsavia” (Embi Music)
  6. Marino Canal – “Solace” (MOOD)
  7. Montcosmik – “Agonie” (Nein)
  8. Zombies in Miami – “Shadows” (Correspondant)
  9. Pete Bones – “Another Fine Mess” (Red Ant)
  10. The Shaker – “Bring your Love Down” (Red Ant)
  11. JW Paris – “Animal” (Red Ant)

Big Shot Guest Mix 311: From Karaoke to Stardom


The first Big Shot Guest Mix of 2016 arrives via Paris born Jeremy Herpe (a.k.a. From Karaoke to Stardom). At the end of December 2015 Herpe, a producer/sound designer who currently lives in Berlin, released his brilliant second full-length, Little Voodoo Dolls (Fenou), an album espousing his singular, ever-evolving take on tech-house.

Never one to be afraid of flipping the script, Herpe’s 15-track mix encompasses a moody, introspective range of sonic textures and styles, adroitly juxtaposing the disparate sounds of Jimi Hendrix ExperienceSage Francis, Roll the Dice, Sven Grünberg and Jerusalem in My Heart.

Bold, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable, we couldn’t think of a better mix to kick off 2016.

Big Shot Guest Mix 311: From Karaoke to Stardom by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud

Big Shot Guest Mix: From Karaoke to Stardom

  1. Jimi Hendrix Experience – “Moon, Turn The Tides… Gently Gently Away”
  2. Rrose – “Adrift”
  3. Sada feat. Sensational & Black Chameleon – “Every Corner”
  4. Roll the Dice – “Guadeloupe”
  5. Sage Francis – “Hopeless”
  6. Fadimoutou Wallet Inamoud – “Yalalela”
  7. Astrobotnia – “Lightworks”
  8. Herron – “Feet First”
  9. Benedikt Frey – “Can you Feel The Pain”
  10. Popol Vuh – “Aguirre I”
  11. Milyoo – “Face To Face”
  12. Marconi Union – “Ginza District”
  13. Sven Grünberg – “Valgusois”
  14. ADMX-71 – “MGM 41-85”
  15. Jerusalem in My Heart – “Yudaghdegh El-Ra3ey Walal-Ghanam”

Big Shot Guest Mix 310: DiscJoker


In 2015 we presented an amazing selection of Big Shot Guest Mixes. Don’t thank us — thank the DJs. From Sebastian Russell‘s deep, woozy leftfield session to Cevin Fisher’s heartfelt tribute to the Godfather of House Frankie Knuckles, each jock stepped up with a bespoke set that exceeded our expectations.

We close out 2015 in a big way with a brilliant tech-house mix from Italian DJ/producer DiscJoker (a.k.a. Giuliano P) featuring tracks by Patrik Carrera, Nadja Lind, Martin Eyerer and Moderat. With nearly two decades of experience spinning across Italy, he recently released the dark, haunting and trippy Mana/Mermaids EP on Rome-based Rek Records, brandishing fiery guitar, deep basslines and precocious percussion. As he weaves in and out of tracks you can hear DiscJoker’s passion for blending house and techno with the unexpected.

So go and crank this bad boy up. Happy holidaze!

Big Shot Guest Mix 310: Discjoker

  1. Patrik Carrera – “Polaroid” (Sleeparchive Remix)
  2. Georg Neufeld feat. Gertrud Polonyi – “Another Dimension”
  3. Joss – “Solely”
  4. Roland M. Dill – “The Messenger”
  5. PR3SNT & Orfeo – “Limitation”
  6. Nadja Lind & G-Ma – “Verboten”
  7. Martin Eyerer – “The Metro”
  8. DiscJoker – “Mana”
  9. Laiva – “T#16”
  10. Cybernova – “Play”
  11. Patrick Baer feat. Max Cavalerra – “Monsta”
  12. Sinisa Lukic – “Go To Metro”
  13. Nexus – “Night Sailing”
  14. Pepe Arcade – “NN”
  15. Sheldon – “Arcadia”
  16. Moderat – “Therapy”