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Image of Get Real via Electric Island

Salah Sadeq November 2018 Chart

salah sadeq

  1. Archivist – Thermidor – Insula Records
  2. Fabe – Sketch 5 – Valiso
  3. Sonnen Blumen Kerne – Shipibo Konibo (Anton Kubikov Remix) – Techfui
  4. Tour-Maubourg – Artifice – Pont Neuf Records
  5. DJ Deep – Spices of Life – Slices of Life
  6. Bodin & Jacob – Shervin – Not on Earth
  7. NTFO – Approach – Organic Music
  8. Agar – Bossa Nova – AKU
  9. Saché & Saché – Takes Two – Nastroy
  10. Alex Troubetzkoy – Mélodrame – Parama

DJs, submit your top 10 chart along with a photo and we’ll publish.

Video Premiere: Concubine – Decenter


After presenting their acclaimed Juno-nominated full-length debut in 2016 and subsequent Kingfisher EP, Concubine, a collaborative project comprised of Thoughtless label boss Noah Pred and Rick Bull (a.k.a. Deepchild), have outdone themselves with their new full-length, 2018.

The pair met at a studio in Berlin earlier in the year and reflected on the treacherous path the world is slowly going down. Together, they channeled their collective angst into an elegant pastiche of dub techno and electro-driven soundscapes. The result is a cosmic work of sheer sonic beauty.

Ahead of 2018‘s release on November 15, we’re pleased to world premiere the music video of the album’s closing track “Decenter” directed by Pred.

“Steeped in the familiar hypnogogia of post-rave Berlin, ‘Decenter’ was the first tune started in Concubine’s latest album sessions,” Pred tells us. “It closes the record with quirky but euphoric Juno leads and a titular nod to rhizomatic influences, alluding to recent fascinations with decentralized exchange (and perhaps even consciousness).”

Tantsui 5 Tracks of the Moment


Tantsui is a Moscow-based producer/live electronic project helmed by Ramzes Akhmetov. With releases on Kindisch, Crosstown Rebels and Get Physical  — as well as a crossover hit in the form of 2013’s “Beautiful Day” — Akhmetov released Tantsui’s wonderful debut album, Unbound, on NOPASSPORT in October.

The 10-track release is awash with inspired downtempo grooves that soar above a backdrop of woozy deep house and chunky beats. The music is earnest and the lyrics are often pensive and somber.

Below Akhmetov shares his five favorite tracks of the moment, most of which deviate far from typical dance floor fodder you’d expect him to choose. Continue Reading