Premiere: Shpongle – No Turn Un-Stoned (Cosmic Trigger Remix)

Cosmic Trigger - Shpongle Remixed Twisted

Twisted Records UK is getting ready to present an interesting, er, twist on the remix album concept.

Instead of compiling an album’s worth of re-rubs crafted by a variety of producers for Shpongle Remixed, label boss and Shpongle founder Simon Posford enlisted producer Jamie Grashion (a.k.a. Cosmic Trigger) to re-interpret an entire album’s worth of the group’s tracks on his own.

A member of the Twisted Records UK family, Jamie, who assists Simon in the studio, was already intimate with the music, making him the ideal person to take on remix duties.

We’re thrilled to world premiere “No Turn Un-Stoned (Cosmic Trigger Remix)” from the upcoming release.

Jamie’s remix is an intoxicating interpretation that takes the song into new spiritual territory by way of punchy basslines, a sprinkling of atmospheric glitch-hop vibes and assorted eargasmic magic dust.

“I’m really happy with how this one turned out,” Jamie tells us of the remix.

He adds, “It’s quite different to the original, but as with the others on this album I was taking the original stems as a springboard to delve into new tangential sonic environments. I was experimenting with foley quite a bit on this track inspired by listening to a lot of KOAN Sound, and happily, I managed to fit a duduk solo in there, one of my favorite folk instruments.”

Hit the play button below and check out Shpongle Remixed in its entirety on October 19.

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Matisa Recalls Last DJ Set Before COVID-19 Lockdown

DJ Matisa

Throughout our Last DJ Set series, we’ve asked a range of artists including  Alinka, David Morales, Alan Oldham, Spencer Parker and Julia Bondar to recall their last gig before government-ordered lockdowns and travel bans went into effect in March, forcing clubs and festivals to close. Along the way, we were able to relive magical moments as we hope for better days to come.

For the final installment of the series, we spoke with Rome-born, Florence-based DJ/producer Matisa.

The vinyl-only decknician is known widely for championing a diverse style that embraces house, electro and any style that’ll move a dance floor.

Having released The Elsewhere EP on Biologic Records featuring a remix from Kim Ann Foxman in June, we connected with Matisa and asked her to recall her last DJ gig before turntables stopped spinning.

Here’s hoping we can launch our new series, My First DJ Set After COVID-19 Lockdown, very soon. Continue Reading

Watch Four Years of DJ’s Touring Life in One-Minute Stop-Motion Video

DJ Alok-Stop-Motion-Tour-Diary

Four years in the touring life of Brazil’s DJ Alok have been documented in an eye-catching stop-motion video put together by Sergio and Gabriel Twardowski.

Before COVID-19 forced clubs and festivals to close to prevent the spread of the disease, the brothers had crisscrossed the world with Alok.

During quarantine, the Twardowskis took inventory of the photos they captured and took on the Herculean task of curating the images into a breathtaking visual document.

According to Designboom, the pair searched through 900 hours of images looking for similar characteristics between the clips over the course of two months. The process of creating the stop motion itself took six days.

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Another Victim of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Washington, D.C.’s U Street Music Hall Shutters

u music hall closes Washington dc

Washington, D.C. clubbing institution U Music Hall announced today it had closed for good. During its ten-year run, the club hosted events that featured artists from every genre of electronic music, including house, disco, techno, bass and electro.

U Music Hall’s management broke to the news in a heartfelt post on the venue’s Facebook page.

“When we closed our doors to the public this past March, just days before we were to celebrate our club’s 10-year anniversary, none of us could have imagined at the time that we would still be closed nearly seven months later with no return date in sight because of an unrelenting disease called COVID-19,” read the missive. “But we kept our hopes up even in the face of an impossible situation because we love what we do so much: presenting the best music in the world for the best fans in the world. It was our mission to return.”

The news of U Music Hall’s closure comes after D.C.’s 18th Street Lounge shuttered in June, citing economic woes brought on by the pandemic.

Read the club’s full statement below.

Dear U Hall friends and family,

There is no easy way to say this, but here we go: It is with tremendous sadness that…

Posted by U Street Music Hall on Monday, October 5, 2020