Omid 16B: ‘Go With Your Instincts; They Rarely Fail’


London-based DJ/producer/musician Omid Nourizadeh – a.k.a. Omid 16b, a.k.a. 16B, a.k.a. $16 Million Dollar Man – has been championing a bespoke dance floor sound since the ’90s. When the world was a slightly saner place, he contributed greatly to the genre that came to be known as tech-house.

All these years later, Omid continues to push the creative envelope, and the proof is in a discography full of brilliant productions, remixes, mix CDs and albums.

His decades of experience in the studio and DJ booth have taught him well, and he remains as busy as ever.

In April, he contributed “No” to Freq Traxx Vol. 3, a four-track compilation released on Superfreq. Three months later, he unveiled the majestic, multi-genre full-length Silenciety. The meticulously produced album is a vivid, cinematic affair full of lush orchestral arrangements, ambient textures and dreamy downtempo. Omid carefully peppers the tracks with dollops of proper electro and deep house.

We connected with the Alola Records boss and asked him to share how he got here from there.

How he got his artist name
Partly my parents: Omid means ‘hope’ in Persian, and 16B was added for good measure.

Earliest clubbing experience
Eight years of age and accidentally walking into some strange sex club party/cinema in Frankfurt!

Most surprising success
To have a family and still be able to dip in and out of the music world without being owned!

Most surprising failure
To have strong political views but lack the urge to make them public!

DJ set he’ll never forget
Going to see Laurent Garnier with Martin Watson (RIP) at the Gardening club in 1995. Chain-smoking one after the other, rushing and dancing all night!

Why DJing is important in his life
Because I still love it after all these years!

His most memorable song
ORN’s “Snow’ produced in 1996. That period in electronic music was unmissable!

His most memorable remix
The Cure “Wrong Number” recorded with my first Neve desk experience at Matrix studios. Plus, I got to travel to Rome to meet The Cure at one of their shows.

What it’s like running a label in 2019
Like a robot that has human tendencies! The world is one big online store unfortunately!

Song it took the longest amount of time to finish
“Hope” (Silenciety LP)

Song it took the shortest amount of time to finish
“Hiding” (Silenciety LP)

Moment when he wanted to quit the most
Waking up next to a full ashtray or straight after swimming.

Artist he wants to collaborate with
Trentemøller & Russell Brand at the same time.

The secret of his success?
Go with your instincts; they rarely fail!

Robot Koch September 2019 Chart

Robot Koch DJ Chart

  1. Delhia de France – Tremors (Adriatique Remix) Eat the Fruit
  2. Christian Löffler – Mare (Robot Koch Remix) Ki
  3. Lorn – Perfekt Dark (Wednesday Sound)
  4. Deru – 1979 (Friends of Friends)
  5. Eskmo & Kira Kira – Radiopia (Ancestor)
  6. Dreaming of Ghosts – Shallow Water (Skyence Remix) (Trees and Cyborgs)
  7. Robot Koch – Crystal Grid (Ryan Davis Remix) (Trees and Cyborgs)
  8. Thom Yorke – Dawn Chorus (XL)
  9. Floating Points – Last Bloom (Ninja Tune)
  10. Harold Budd – Pavilion of Dreams (Virgin)

DJs, submit your top 10 chart along with a photo and we’ll publish.

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Noisia, Pioneering Electronic Music Trio, Breaks Up

Noisia Split

Noisia, the revered Dutch electronic-music trio known for blazing new trails in drum ‘n’ bass and dubstep, are calling it a day.

In a statement issued today to (below), Thijs de Vlieger, Nik Roos, and Martijn van Sonderen said that the time is right to pack it in at the end of 2020.

After 20 years of being Noisia, we are ready to become something new.

We’ve all grown, as people and as musicians. For almost 20 years, all three of us wanted pretty much the same, but we’ve developed, and realized that nowadays we want different things. If we all wanted the same different things, it would make sense to do that as a different Noisia, but we want different different things.

That’s why we’ve decided that for us, and our listeners, it’s the most honorable and respectful choice to put an end to this chapter, and start the next one. Noisia has always been about making as few compromises as we can. When Noisia becomes a compromise in itself, it’s time to move on.

We’ve tried to realign ourselves over the last few years to keep the wagon on the rails, but the reality still is: we are not who we were before, and the time of doing everything together because we all want the same is behind us.

Noisia is a game that we’ve completed. There’s very little left for us to explore together. Noisia is a beautifully consolidated shape. And we want to leave Noisia in that shape, rather than keep chiselling at it, with the risk of ruining it. A good artist should know when an artwork is finished.

What the future holds for us, we honestly don’t know. We still have our studios in the same space, and we will run into each other every day. We are still friends. We will still make music together in some shape or form.

We want to celebrate our 20th year and the past 20 years together with everyone who’s been involved and made it all possible. We want to go out with a blast and say goodbye to our fans properly, so that we can look back and say “it was an amazing era, and we finished it in style”. We want to do one last year of touring DJ shows, one last year of Noisia Radio, and finish and release the music that we’ve been working on together.

This was a very hard decision to make, but we thought about it for a long time and it feels like the only right thing to do for us without breaking what we’ve built.

We are very proud of what we’ve done. We’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity we were given to share our music and vision with so many people, and we feel greatly indebted to all those who helped us along the way. We’re excited about making the last year as Noisia as memorable as we can, and we’re curious to see what will come after.

TL;DR: We’ve decided to stop being Noisia at the end of 2020.

Big Shot Guest Mix 347: M.F.S: Observatory

M.S.F- Observatory Guest Mix

Red-hot Naples-bred house duo M.F.S: ObservatoryMattia Turchetti and Francesco Cozzolino – have been on a creative tear for the better part of the past two years.

In addition to releasing on Smiley Fingers, Danny Serrano’s Eat and Beat and contributing a fiery track to Global Lovers V2: Italy, the London-based duo’s Observatory Music has issued formidable tracks by No Else, Nukem & Pazkal, Black Girl / White Girl and Arado.

As the pair prepare to unveil more dance floor delights, they graciously took time out to craft an exclusive Big Shot Guest Mix. The session arrives before the release of Killed Kassette & M.F.S: Observatory’s Freak It EP out September 27 on Roush.

Over the trajectory of 20 tracks, Mattia and Francesco take us on an incredible journey, featuring their favorite songs of the moment, latest productions and freshest tracks from their label.

Speaking about the mix the pair said, “We have also included songs from our latest collaboration with Andre Salmon released on Percomaniacs and one that will be released soon on Roush label with Killed Kassette. We have included the tracks of some of our favorite producers like Black Girl / White Girl, Subjoi and Luna City Express.”

Hit the play button below and enjoy.

Big Shot Guest Mix 347: M.F.S: Observatory Tracklist

  1. Nukem & Pazkal – Let Me Say (Original Mix) Observatory Music
  2. Andre Salmon, M.F.S: Observatory – Brightness (Original Mix) Percomaniacs
  3. FreedomB – Bambaataa (Luna City Express Remix) – Percomaniacs
  4. Aday Chinea – Free (Thomas Cerutti Remix) – Bumpcut Records
  5. Black Girl / White Girl – Invasion (Original Mix) Roush label
  6. Killed Kassette & M.F.S: Observatory – Freak It – Roush Label
  7. Lubelski, Musashi – Pressure – Desert Hearts Records
  8. Black Girl / White Girl – Invasion T.A.F.F.Y (M.F.S: Observatory Remix) Observatory Music
  9. Arado – Two Nights (Ren Phillips & Yingyang (UK) ) Observatory Music
  10. Killed Kassette & M.F.S: Observatory – Somebody Gotta Underground Audio
  11. M.F.S: Observatory – Coming to Town – My Vision Records
  12. Prok & Fitch – Roller Girl – Resonance Records
  13. No Else – Soo Rub (M.F.S Observatory Remix) – Observatory Music
  14. M.F.S: – A1 (Original Mix)- Observatory Music
  15. Arado – Twix – Observatory Music
  16. Sergio Bennett & Coopdown – Smoked (Original Mix) My Vision Records
  17. Childish Gambino – This Is America (Jesse Perez Remix)
  18. M.F.S: Observatory – The Booty – IVAV Recording
  19. Subjoi – The Way I Feel
  20. Moodymann feat. Charlotte OC – Hangover (Moodymann Mix)