Korin Complex May 2020 Chart

Korin Complex

  1. Maquis Son Sistèm – Entra Nella Giungla (Maquis Son Sistèm/Folklore Séries)
  2. Sunun – Msg Inna Stab (Cold Light)
  3. A Strange Wedding – El Cartel Del Sangria (Worst Records)
  4. East Man – Fight for A Cause (Padre Himalaya)
  5. Tristan Arp – Pipeline (Machine Woman Rework) (Human Pitch)
  6. Hodge – Lanes (Houndstooth)
  7. Cop Envy & DJ Plead – Dash to Finish (Decisions)
  8. Serpente – A Noiva (Approach) (Tormenta Electrica)
  9. Korin Complex & Pugilist – New Growth (Miracle Drug Recordings)
  10. Boa – Deglover (Styles Upon Styles)

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Yehouda Silverman

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