Doug Gomez April 2020 Chart

Doug Gomez

  1. Juan Soul, Soumi Des Askia – Moribayassa (Doug Gomez Remix) – Merecumbe Recordings
  2. Sam Q’s Night Patrol – The Magpie & the Squirrel (Doug Gomez Remix) – Grooveland Records
  3. Cee ElAssaad, FNX Omar, Idd Aziz – Zhele – Kahina Records
  4. Silvia Zaragoza, Tantra Zawadi – Natural Magic (Mr. Eclectic Remix) – Merecumbe Recordings
  5. Byron Moore, Ian Friday – Give Me You – Global Soul Music
  6. Mike Steva – Egolika – Yoruba Records
  7. Groove Junkies, Reelsoul, Nichelle Monroe – Harvest for the World (Sean Ali & Munk Julious DDS Remix) – Morehouse
  8. Vick Lavender, Brutha Basil – Universal Love – Sophisticado
  9. Antonio Ocasio, Cee ElAssaad- Agbara – Tribal Winds
  10. Midnight Society – Marimbadub (Doug Gomez Remix) – Central Underground Recordings

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