Eddie Fowlkes March 2020 Chart

Eddie Fowlkes

  1. Omar S – You Want The Best (FXHE)
  2. Norm Talley – Detroit 2 Step (FXHE)
  3. Gari Moralis – Contact (Raw Music)
  4. Santoinio Echols – Trembles (Shiftimprint)
  5. Scan 7 – Burdens Down (Orlando Voorn Remix) (Elypsia)
  6. Jeff Mills – Helixnebuls (Axis)
  7. Blak Tony – Holla Holla (Direct Beat)
  8. Peter Croce – Bufe Bufe (Rocksteady Disco)
  9. Gari Moralis – Contact (Raw Music)
  10. Delano Smith – Time & Place (Mixmode)

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