Kmyle December 2019 Chart

Kmyle DJ Chart

  1. Voiski – ‘New Continents & Ancient Rivers’ (ARA)
  2. Aiken – ‘Common Factor’ (Float Records)
  3. Blawan – ‘Lox’ (Ternesc)
  4. Temudo – ‘Recognise, Admit, Learn, Forget’ (Illegal Alien LTD)
  5. A-SIM – ‘Pudding d’Alarms’ (Merge Layers)
  6. Boyd Schidt & Strathy – ‘ბინდი’ (Ohne Kommerziellen Wert)
  7. VSK & Michal Jablonski – ‘X&Y’ (VSK Series)
  8. Inhalt Der Nacht – ‘Erwachen’ (RAW)
  9. Benjamin Damage – ‘Ripple’ (Figure)
  10. Ø [Phase] – ‘Obscura (B-Line Enhanced Version)’ (Token)

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Yehouda Silverman

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