Kiz Pattison November 2019 Chart

Kiz Pattison dj chart

  1. Socket Hog & Jamez – That Base Music (Bakroom Recordings)
  2. Torsten Fassbender – Circles (Mango Alley)
  3. OC & Verde – Cloak & Dagger EP (Truesoul)
  4. Fil Devious – Feed The Mau (Urban Chaos Records)
  5. Add-Us – Vain (Renaissance)
  6. Sasha – Ripcord (LNOE)
  7. Luke Brancaccio & Simon Berry – Wake Up (Kaiser Disco remix) (Circus Recordings)
  8. Human Movement – Thermal (Of Leisure)
  9. Chris Leibing & Charlotte de Vitte – Liquid Slow (KNTXT)
  10. Kiz Pattison – Flying (JourneyDeep)

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