Deepak Sharma February 2019 Chart

Deepak Sharma

  1. Planetary Assault Systems – ‘The Grinder’ (Machine Label)
  2. Roberto – ‘Tonic’ (Rekids)
  3. Body Unknown – ‘Lack of Skin’ (Horo)
  4. Wrong Assessment – ‘False Flag’ (Triple Vision Music Group)
  5. Deas – ‘No Signal’ (Planet Rhythm)
  6. Von Grall – ‘Stationary Regime 2′ (Leyla Records)
  7. Uun – ‘Cuneiform’ (Mord)
  8. Tensal – ‘Certain 1′ (Tensal)
  9. Nur Jaber – ‘Late at Night’ (P.E.A.R.L. Remix)
  10. Dawn Razor – ‘Shantor’ (Psyk Cinematic Version) (Anemone Recordings)

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