Video Premiere: Kalahara – Augustine


In 2016 producer Lex Shellard and vocalist Lydia Kaye formed the downtempo act Kalahara in tandem with Black Echo Records. Their nascent musical partnership gave rise to the Wildfire EP, which included remixes by Howson’s Groove and Jabru & Landings.

The pair return on July 21 with “Augustine,” a mindfully deliberate affair, which is actually the first song Shellard and Kaye wrote together. Using the blueprint they etched out on their debut as their North Star, “Augustine” is a wonderfully sparse and aligns with their less is more ethos. Everything is inviting here — even the space between the notes.

We’re thrilled to world premiere the video for the song directed by filmmaker Craig Murray, whose list of credits include collaborating with Scottish post-rock band Mogwai. Murray’s wife is the video’s protagonist, and he beautifully incorporates stop-motion animation into the story.

Watch the view below and catch Kalahara’s debut live show in September, playing with the Festival No. 6 Orchestra conducted by Joe Duddell.

Video Premiere: Alec Troniq & Gabriel Vitel – Old Tortures

Alec Troniq Gabriel Vitel New New World

Music becomes really interesting when ideas are able to cross pollinate and boundaries can be pushed. That’s why fans took note when electronic music producers Jeff Mills, Goldie and Marc Romboy stepped outside of their comfort zone in the DJ booth to perform with orchestras.

Add German producer/live performer Alec Troniq and producer/vocalist Gabriel Vitel to the fold of eager sonic experimenters. Working together since 2013, they follow-up their successful track “Mind Noodles” with Gabriel’s upcoming New New World EP. The release features a riveting live performance of “Old Tortures,” a track from last year’s The Aviating EP performed live with the Dortmund Philharmonic. It’s a heartfelt rendition where urgent strings and emotive electro beats sync in perfect harmony.

Watch the world premiere of the performance, and check the full release on July 9 via Broque Records.

Video Premiere: San Eco – Pretty Curtains


The two members of UK-based newcomers San Eco hail from different music circles. Morris Cowan (a.k.a. Adam Taylor) has dabbled in house, techno, dub, minimal classical and post-rock. His varied musical predilections have culminated in releases on the Nottingham-based Wigflex imprint and German label Zaubernuss. Taylor proudly wore his influences on his sleeve on his 2011 Circa full-length.

Conversely, cohort Tom Edney is a storyteller ensconced in the alt-rock world. Several years ago while he was recording The Manchester Underground EP, Edney met Taylor at a studio. They struck up a rapport, and five years later their San Eco project is set to release its self-titled debut album on August 2 via Manchester-based Beatphreak.

Ahead of the LP’s release the duo connected with London-based director Alexandra Boanta to film an enthralling video for lead track “Pretty Curtains.” In the clip, which we’re pleased to world premiere, an expressionless woman meanders around a town as busy people go about their day, almost oblivious to her presence.

Here’s what they had to say about the premise of the video: “When your life is so mundane and monotonous the trek home from your place of work just seems the same as every other day. You finally arrive and close yourself off from the world outside and all you have to view for the rest of the evening is your flowered patterned pretty curtains.”

Video Premiere: JAQ feat. Jordan Lisle – Machine


Emerging Bristol DJ/producer JAQ, who is half of the production duo Ekcle, made quite a bit of noise last year when he dropped his debut house jam “Blue Treacle” (Rank & File). The tune (which also featured a righteous remix by Leeds’ Jey Kurmis) won the favor of some of the biggest jocks on the planet. Not bad for a young gun, right?

The track’s success inspired the one-named Bristolian to keep plugging away at his chosen mission to rock dance floors around the world.

After recently dropping his fiery follow-up single entitled “Machine” featuring vocalist Jordan Lisle (which was remixed by German twosome Raumakustik), JAQ returns with a smashing music video directed by Jon Smith.

Hit the play button below on the world premiere, and keep an eye on this talented up-and-comer.