Premiere: djseanEboy – Tartrus EP


Barbuto’s Mavic Music is about to kick up the summer heat with a new release from rising underground techno talent djseanEboy’s Tartarus EP. The Raleigh, NC-based DJ/producer’s impressive discography includes releases on Unity Records, Funk’n Deep and Prospect Records.

We’re extremely pleased to world premiere both tracks from djseanEboy’s forthcoming effort – the hard-hitting big-room stormer “Tartarus” and the off-kilter and thoroughly mesmerizing chugger “Realm” – out August 9.

Says djseanEboy of his latest pair of dance-floor burners, “I’ve always found it hard to find the right words to communicate who I am as a person and my personality. Producing music has allowed me to express myself in ways I can’t with words. I write songs that are inspired by my mood and the influence infuse of my favorite artists. This combination helps me create a groove and allows me to take my creativity to new levels. With a deep love for melodic, acid and hard techno, I try to create my own statement and inspire others. This EP for Mavic Music was a culmination of these thoughts, these beliefs.”

Hit the play button below and enjoy.

Premiere: Christopher Schwarzwälder & Iannis Ritter – Out the Window

Christopher Schwarzwälder & Iannis Ritter

Berlin-based duo Christopher Schwarzwälder & Iannis Ritter are a pair of kindred spirits who collectively craft glorious leftfield/minimal house excursions.

Ahead of the upcoming release of their Out the Window full-length due out later this year via Hamburg-based label Audiolith, we’re pleased to world premiere the title track of their upcoming long-player.

“Out the Window” is a bass-heavy slice of electronica nirvana that comes complete with a hypnotic vocal chant, crisp drums and heavenly synths. As the song’s vocal hook suggests, “Close your eyes and let go.”

Hit the play button below and enjoy.

Video Premiere: The Goods feat. Touch Sensitive – Let’s Roll

The Goods band video premiere

Sydney-based space-funk trio The GoodsBadmandela, Rosario and Black Tree – make uplifting club songs that soothes your soul and raises your spirit. With everything that’s going on in the world right now, we need more of their positive vibes.

The up-and-coming triumvirate just dropped their latest single, “Let’s Roll” featuring Australian sensation Touch Sensitive (a.k.a. Oz-based producer/musician Michael Di Francesco). We’re pleased to world premiere the accompanying funk-tastic, booty-shakin’ music video directed by MERCHANT that gives us a feel for what the guys do when they perform live.

The threesome had this to say about the experience of filming the video: “[In] working with directors MERCHANT (Claus Stangl and Stuart Miller), our aim was to create the visual likeness of being circumnavigated by stars, combining the elements of the intimacy of disco dance floors and the expansiveness of space.”

Hit the play button below and enjoy.

Video Premiere: Joney – Owl School

joney owl school video premiere

Jonas Schiefferdecker, a.k.a. Joney, is an experimental multi-genre music producer/drummer/laptop musician from Hamburg, Germany. Over the past decade he’s built an eclectic discography of material espousing a diverse array of sounds including glitch, trap, house, techno and drum ‘n’ bass.

After dropping his well-received debut album, Illowhead, Joney is back with his latest long-player, Bananarchy, in which he presents a kaleidoscope of sounds and styles.

We’re thrilled to world premiere the music video for “Owl School,” a UK bass jam that’s soulfully doused with footwork and ’90s vibes. Be warned: the video is a dark affair that gives new meaning to the phrase “Go f@ck yourself.”

Hit the play button below and enjoy.