Video Premiere: Lost in Stars – “Feel The Glow” feat. The Spirit

Dylan Willoughby is the driving force behind Lost in Stars, a one-man electronic music project based in Los Angeles. At the end of 2018, Willoughby presented LiS’s Fabula, a well-received full-length album brimming with a fine selection of kinetic tracks.

Fortunately for us, Willoughby has put together a video for the synth-tastic vocal cut “Feel The Glow” feat. The Spirit. The visually enthralling, self-directed video is comprised of public domain silent film by famed American visual artist Man Ray, who was a contributor to the Dada and surrealist movements.

Willoughby had this to say about the premise behind the music video:

“The concept of glowing is central to the video. The aliens stand in a glowing circle to deliberate and one morphs into a human form in a glowing chamber. The metamorphosed alien is transported to earth and ends up saving our humble planet. It seemed topical to imagine something to save the earth since we have endangered it so much and seem oblivious to the harm we are causing.”

Hit the play button below and enjoy.

Premiere: Nude Disco – The The (Lo Rez Preview)

When veteran British DJ/producer Nude Disco (a.k.a. Vern from Stretch & Vern) united with Icelandic singer-songwriter Heidrun Bjornsdottir for Lúlla‘s awesome six-song mini album titled Winter In The City, we were all over their half-dozen synth-pop gems. In fact, we proudly premiered their sleek cover of “Only You,” an Italo smash hit originally recorded by Savage (a.k.a. Roberto Zanetti) in 1984, and London-based producer and graphic artist Luxar’s shimmering synth-tastic interpretation of “Memories” off the subsequent remix EP.

Following the success of 2016’s “Of U” Nude Disco is back with a double A-side release that’s gonna make you sweat on the dance floor this summer.

We’re pleased to world premiere “The The” (Lo Res Preview),” a bumpin’ uptempo instrumental track doused with Italo-house vibes. It’s out June 6 via Nude Disco Records.

Hit the play button below and enjoy.

Premiere: Barbuto & Nick Reverse – The Thinker

Barbuto Nick Reverse Mavic Music

When most DJs launch their a label by releasing a single or EP. Not Austin-based Sydney-bred technocrat Christian Barbuto. On May 24, he will unveil his brand new label, Mavic Music, with a sprawling 10-track compilation featuring rising techno talent from Down Under.

We’re thrilled to world premiere his red-hot collaboration with Nick Reverse titled “The Thinker,” a sleek, pulsating track that boasts a swinging, tough-as-nails groove.

Here’s what Barbuto had to say about the cut: “‘The Thinker’ is a typical Barbuto track in the low end [with a] rolling drive, but we needed to have a mid-range groove and level of funk that was also fitting for the Sydney legend Nick Reverse. We went back and forth through the internet airwaves to come up with a warm acid line and dark but inspiring vocal hook that fits just as well in my typical late-night techno sets as well as Nick’s sold-out WeLove parties in Sydney.”

Hit the play button below and enjoy. And if you’re in Australia, catch Barbuto on tour … right now!

Premiere: Equal Echo – Black And Blue

Equal Echo is an interesting new project helmed by London DJ/producer Hector Plimmer and singer/songwriter/instrumentalist Alexa Harley.

After two years of hard work and collaboration, the duo are about to release their debut Dynamite EP, a four-track affair which dabbles in downtempo, pop, jazz and soul.

We’re pleased to world premiere “Black and Blue” from the EP that’s out on May 24, where Harley’s voice soars over a musical bed of deep keys and smooth beats.

Says Alexa Harley of the song, “‘Black and Blue’ was written out of necessity – it expresses the emotions one goes through when experiencing a deep regret, but also addresses a universal human need of wanting to be loved and accepted for who we are.”

Hit the play button below and enjoy.