Premiere: Thousand Fingers – Je T’aime


Thousand Fingers is the nom de plume of up-and-coming London-based producer/sound engineer Hakan Ozkan. Over the past few years he’s dropped a series of successful tracks and remixes. His musical journey rises to the next level with his latest effort, “Je T’aime,” a bumpin’ disco-house jam out on November 22 via Made Crazy Music.

Ozkan had this to say of the track’s evolution:

“When I first created the verbal loop that you hear at the beginning – actually, there is no meaningful words in that loop…it consists of keys, some noise, and an echoing meaningless speech – it sounded like someone saying Je T’aime in a very cold way. However, the word itself contains very warm feelings, so I came up with the idea a of creating a bittersweet vibe. Along the musical production process it started to embody a narcissistic character who shows love only to himself. From my perspective, this form of love is a very exclusive feeling for an individual. However, it can be perceived as a negative thing form the outside.”

Hit the play button below, and get a first listen to this fiery floor burner.

Video Premiere: Dreaming Of Ghosts – You

Dreaming Of Ghosts

German artist/producer/composer Robot Koch has a proven track record of producing sonic offerings that transcend electronic music. Based in Los Angeles, his Dreaming of Ghosts project helmed with Fiora explores another world of artistic possibilities.

Ahead of the release of DoG’s Lunarum EP out tomorrow on Trees & Cyborgs, we’re thrilled to world premiere the futuristic video for “You” created by Brendan Bellomo and Aniela Sidorska.

Here’s what the filmmakers had to say about the video: “The music video was done in ‘one breath,’ using primarily in-camera effects with projection mapping that envelops the model in patterns of light, stars and darkness. The video contains all practical elements with no CGI. The light was created solely from the music itself, and contains every frequency of the instruments and vocals, in sync with the song.

“The video was filmed with a robotic motion-control camera to appear as one single-shot to showcase the fluidity of the composition. What we attempted to capture in the relationship of the projections and performance is both the meaning of the lyrics, as well as the notion that we feel at one with the music. On one side, we see the vocals being projected, on the other the bass. After we pass the point of looking at one’s own reflection, the projections switch, and we see the bass on the left hand side — almost acting like the heartbeat, not only of the woman but also of the song itself.”

Hit the play button below and enjoy.

Premiere: Ursula 1000 feat. Loredana Grimaudo – Swing Boom Bop


We’ve sung the praises of fellow New Yorker Alex Gimeno (a.k.a. Ursula 1000) for nearly his entire 20-year career. A gifted DJ/producer/remixer who is able to navigate through a spate of styles including lounge music, pop and breakbeat, Alex has done well to craft an evolving soundtrack that works on and beyond the dance floor.

Ahead of the release of Esoterique, a collection of tracks sporting collabs with tracks Fred Schneider of the B-52s, Isabelle Antena, Qypthone, Gentle People as well as remixes by Jazzanova and Fantastic Plastic Machine, we’re pleased to world premiere the first single called “Swing Boom Bop” featuring Loredana Grimaudo of Swingrowers. It’s a rousing electro-swing throwback track that reminds us that it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.

Hit the play button below and enjoy.

Premiere: Marc Bianco feat. Folamour – Pelicanism


A devotee of jazz, neo-soul and house music, French DJ/producer/pianist Marc Bianco attained a career milestone last week with the release of his debut album, Speak Like The Hurricane.

Issued via frequent collaborator Folamour’s FHUO Records, the full-length encompasses a deep, vibey and gorgeously chilled-out downtempo sound.

We’re pleased to world premiere “Pelicanism” from the album. It’s a future-jazz cut of the tallest order, featuring the aforementioned Folamour as well as dexterous bass and keyboard work, and a gentle, head-nodding groove that doesn’t quit.

Hit the play button below and enjoy.