Premiere: Soul Clap feat. Kathy Brown – Ready To Freak (Disco Dub)


Good people attract each other. So it’s no wonder that globetrotting Boston-bred house duo Soul ClapEli Goldstein (a.k.a. Bamboozle, a.k.a. Elyte) and Charles Levine (a.k.a. Lonely C, a.k.a. Cnyce) – have recorded with a range of legendary musicians including George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic, Sly Stone and Nona Hendryx to various shenanigans with rising Crew Love artists.

Tomorrow the guys will release the disco-tastic “Ready To Freak” featuring vocals from iconic vocalist Kathy Brown, whose lengthy list of credits are far too many to mention.

We’re thrilled to world premiere “Ready To Freak” (Disco Dub), a version where Eli and Wiley gently slice n’ dice Brown’s soulful vocal and lay down a bass-heavy ’80s groove courtesy of a Roland RX7 drum machine.

Check the premiere below and keep your eyes peeled for the full release of “Ready To Freak” on July 12 via Soul Clap Records.

Premiere: Listen to Filterheadz’s ‘Radioactive’ Techno Romp From Agile Recordings’ ‘One Hundred’ Comp

Filterheadz Agile Recordings One Hundred

Italian techno troubadour Uto Karem’s Agile Recordings is days away from celebrating one hundred releases. Take a bow, Uto.

To commemorate the milestone, the label is ready to drop a 14-track compilation aptly titled One Hundred, featuring brand spankin’ new cuts by a cadre of genre-pushing artists such as Cristian Varela, Loco & Jam, Mladen Tomic, G Flame and Anderson Noise.

We’re thrilled to world premiere Filterheadz’s epic techno cut “Radiocative” off the release. Belgium-based Bert and Maarten Wilmaers start out hot right out of the gate, crafting a dark, relentless, full-on groove that builds with sparingly melodic synths and a no-nonsense climax.

Check out “Radioactive” below by hitting the play button. Be sure to check the full compilation when it’s released on July 28.

Premiere: SuperJaimie – Feel The Vibe

SuperJaimie - Feel The Vibe

NYC-based TSoNYC, an Internet radio station and label founded by Italian mixmaster Danilo Braca, is kicking off the summer in a big way with the upcoming deep-house stormer “Feel The Vibe.”

The soulful, velvety-smooth production is the byproduct of an excellent collaboration between Braca and French vocalist Charlotte Balibar (a.k.a. SuperJaimie; pictured below), a Big Apple transplant who spins frequently around her adopted hometown of Brooklyn. The track’s combination of deep pads and keyboards blended with sultry synths and oh-so-sexy French vocals make “Feel The Vibe” an irresistible summer dance floor jam.

Ahead of the track’s exclusive release via Traxsource on July 5 (it’ll be available everywhere else on July 19), we’re thrilled to world premiere this lovely cut, featuring top-notch mixes from Rocca and Ireland’s Glenn Davis.

Hit the play button below and enjoy.

SuperJaimie Charlotte Balibar

Video Premiere: HHNOI + Rachel Palmer – Long


Sonic explorers Nathan Moody and HHNOI (a.k.a. Marco Petracca) have teamed up to produce Future Rituals, an evocative forthcoming collaborative full-length that bravely explores the depths and fringes of electronic music. What’s even more interesting is that all of the sounds are derived from a custom-built sound library crafted by Moody.

Ahead of the album’s release on June 14, we thrilled to world premiere the stunning music video for HHNOI’s “Long” directed by the talented American visual artist Rachel Palmer.

Palmer juxtaposes pulsating otherworldly animated lightscapes and syncs them with the track’s soaring synth lines and beats unfurl. Believe us when we say that it’s quite the cosmological spectacle to behold.

Palmer had this to say about process behind making the video: “Having performed live with HHNOI, I‘ve been fascinated by the organic and unpredictable quality found within the repetition of rhythms, melodies, and sequences made by modular synths. Similar organically evolving mutations of structures can be found in my visual art. My concept for ‘Long’ pairs the track’s aesthetics with audio-reactive particles dancing to its granular, yet solid nature, forming detailed and complex patterns: lively organisms flourishing on a dark canvas, similar to the music.”

Hit the play button below and enjoy.