Video Premiere: Concubine – Decenter


After presenting their acclaimed Juno-nominated full-length debut in 2016 and subsequent Kingfisher EP, Concubine, a collaborative project comprised of Thoughtless label boss Noah Pred and Rick Bull (a.k.a. Deepchild), have outdone themselves with their new full-length, 2018.

The pair met at a studio in Berlin earlier in the year and reflected on the treacherous path the world is slowly going down. Together, they channeled their collective angst into an elegant pastiche of dub techno and electro-driven soundscapes. The result is a cosmic work of sheer sonic beauty.

Ahead of 2018‘s release on November 15, we’re pleased to world premiere the music video of the album’s closing track “Decenter” directed by Pred.

“Steeped in the familiar hypnogogia of post-rave Berlin, ‘Decenter’ was the first tune started in Concubine’s latest album sessions,” Pred tells us. “It closes the record with quirky but euphoric Juno leads and a titular nod to rhizomatic influences, alluding to recent fascinations with decentralized exchange (and perhaps even consciousness).”

Premiere: Atropolis ft. Ani Challa – Immigrant


On his upcoming Shuffle Mode EP for the Cumba Mela imprint, NYC-based producer Atropolis (a.k.a. Adam Partridge) touches on immigration, a topic that’s been in the news a lot lately. Instead of venturing into the political debate, his simply titled “Immigrant” explores the human side of moving to a new land. He’s joined by Ani Challa on vocals on the percussive, hypnotic song. Together, they bridge electronic vibes with an understated flourish of Indian-inspired vibes.

Atropolis says, “‘Immigrant’ began with a mantra Ani’s mother taught him when he was a child. The production accompanies Ani’s dual identify as a first generation Indian immigrant who migrated to the south at the age of 6. The sentiment behind Ani’s lyric’s resonates deeply to me as a second generation Cypriot American. The fabric of this country is deeply rooted in migration. It’s important to celebrate being an immigrant as its value sometimes feels forgotten with today’s political climate.”

Ani Challa adds that the song is “a reflection on how any immigrant must feel leaving their old lives behind for a dream. The constant reassurance of oneself on who they are, why they are here, and how hard are you willing to push yourself to that dream to come true … being proud and remembering who you are is what we get to tap into. Spreading the love of our culture in sharing a different perspective on the American dream is what we get to start talking about!

Get a first listen below, and be sure to check the full EP on September 28.

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Video Premiere: TheGround feat. Vincenzo & (Vincenzo Remix) – Kingdom Of Crumbling Walls

kruse&burkhard 2017

Florian Kruse and Hendrik Burkhard joined forces last year as TheGround and released the promising Dediction EP on Steve Bug’s Audiomatique Recordings. The duo’s maiden musical voyage hints at even bigger things to come. As the pair continue to evolve their sound, Bug’s imprint have organized a mighty remix package, featuring interpretations by Stelios Vassiloudis, Jonas Saalbach and Fake Mood.

But wait, there’s more! We’re thrilled to world premiere the visually evocative music video for “Kingdom Of Crumbling Walls” featuring Vincenzo & (Vincenzo Remix).

The visuals are extracted from the upcoming graphic novel Matching Belle – Diaries of a Homeless Heidi by Maximilian Schöngen and Ryan McLaughlin that was written by Samantha Cable and illustrated by Zaza Uta Röttgers.

Here’s a synopsis of the graphic novel:

After a door-slamming breakup, a naive young woman tries to stay off the streets by following the dating advice from a prostitute who’s been outsmarting men her entire life. Disguised as a Tinder-based love story, Matching Belle is a reflection of dating in the modern world and asks audiences to put a price on their own sexuality. This story gives a powerful, new face to modern-day homelessness.

Check the video below, pick up the remix below and read the full story soon here.

Image by Neal McQueen


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Premiere: Benedikt Frey – Iaon

Lumiere Noire Presents From Above Vol. I

Composer/producer/musician/Lumière Noire boss Chloé has compiled Lumiere Noire Presents From Above Vol. I, a brand new compilation featuring hand-picked tracks from Markus Gibb, Ben Shemie, Sutja Gutierrez and Bajram Bili.

We’re extremely pleased to world premiere Benedikt Frey’s “Iaon.” The German DJ/producer/founder of the Label Love Pain Sunshine & Rain, whose Artificial album was one of 2017’s top full-lengths, offers up a hypnotic, deeply dubby techno contribution to the 13-track affair.

Hit the play button below and be sure to check the entire compilation when it drops on October 26.