De La Soul on Their Kickstarter-Funded LP, Working with Snoop Dogg & More [Video]


It’s been 27 years since De La Soul first burst onto the hip-hop scene with the seminal Three Feet High and Rising, but Pos, Dave and Maseo are still going strong today. For And the Anonymous Nobody, the first proper De La album in 12 years to feature all three members, the trio turned to a modern mode of funding: Kickstarter. Apparently there are still plenty of people out there eager to hear a new De La Soul record, because it took less than 10 hours for the group to meet their goal.

There are also lots of major musical figures from all genres who respect De La Soul enough to collaborate with them. The new album finds the group working with Snoop Dogg, David Byrne, Jill Scott, Usher, Damon Albarn, and many more. In the interview below, the trio talk about how they put And the Anonymous Nobody together, how they came to collaborate with Snoop Dogg, and other tidbits to keep you going until the album comes out on August 26.

Behold! The Technics SL-1200GAE Is Here [Video]


There is probably no single piece of DJ equipment more iconic than the Technics SL-1200 turntable. The 1200 was introduced back in 1972, but over the course of the subsequent decades it became the go-to turntable for every mixmaster from Berlin to Borneo and beyond. So the discontinuation of the 1200 series back in 2010 struck straight to the heart of the international DJ community. A huge outcry went up, and tens of thousands of 1200 lovers have since petitioned the company to bring the beloved turntable back. Well, the tide has finally turned.

Technics has answered all those prayers by introducing the SL-1200GAE. It’s a direct-drive turntable destined to melt the hearts of DJs the world over, but it’s got a fresh new feel for a new era too. So as you enjoy your twin-rotor surface-facing direct drive motor, three-layered, brass-top turntable platter, brass-milled and gold-plated phono terminals, four-layer cabinet construction, and newly developed “coreless” motor (no iron core), remember: dreams do come true.

Premiere: Ryno – I’ll Take Forever (Mega Spig Remix)


New Yorker RYNO is a singer and composer influenced by every era of pop music (hell, the guy has even opened for Paul McCartney). He may utilize electronic technology to realize his musical visions, but the sound he creates is informed by a broad spectrum of styles. His track “I’ll Take Forever” is a perfect example. In and of itself, it has all the makings of a classic pop song, albeit presented in a contemporary, synth-slathered framework. But when DJ/producer Mega Spig gets his hands on the track, he takes it someplace else entirely.

Mega Spig is a producer who hails from Spanish Harlem, co-founded the Lifted Crew, and has worked with everyone from Big Daddy Kane and Slick Rick to Talib Kweli and Andy Grammer. His remix of “I’ll Take Forever,” which you can stream below in the mix’s exclusive premiere, puts the song in whole other light, underlining the rhythmic intensity that was hinted at in the original version and adding more visceral textures to the arrangement. Snap it up and see for yourself.

Premiere: Big Everything – Sa Wut

Big Everything SaWut

As members of the Afrobeat-inspired outfit Underground System, New Yorkers Peter Matson and Elenna Canlas have come a long way between that project and the work they create as the duo Big Everything. On “Sa Wut,” which will become the third single from Big Everything Mixtape when it drops on June 16, the pair embarks on a sonic adventure that takes them way beyond Afro-funk.

That’s not to say they don’t still keep things funky; they undeniably do, but in more (and different) ways than before. The slip-and-slide electro-funk grooves that Mason and Canlas have come up with are influenced by everything from the UK Funky scene of a decade ago to classic ’70s P-Funk, and inevitably a dash of Zapp influence, making for a loose-limbed, woozy atmosphere that’s nonetheless packed to the gills with hard-hitting beats. So what will the rest of Big Everything Mixtape sound like? Stream “Sa Wut” below and then you can extrapolate from there.