OWSLA Release First-Ever Charity Compilation, ‘Eggnog’


Every year around the holiday season there’s always some new charity compilations, which are definitely a great thing. Unfortunately, many of said comps are not worth even a cursory listen. Luckily, OWSLA just got in the game and are putting out a pretty rad compilation this year to set the record straight.

Eggnog Vol. 1 features 28 tracks, all cuts from the label’s great roster, including four new cuts from Ghastly & Mija featuring Lil’ Jon, Trollphace, Cause & Affect, and Riton. Pre-orders on the album will come with a limited special-edition sweater. If you sign up for OWSLA’s Nestivus Advent calendar via their Drip.FM-powered subscription service, OWSLA IV, you will receive the compilation plus 24 other giveaways leading up to Christmas. All proceeds from will go toward helping Bridges For Music fund the construction of the Langa Music School in Cape Town, South Africa via the label’s Nestivus charity drive.

Eggnog is out December 16 on OWSLA. Listen to “Make It Bounce” by Trollphace, and check out the track listing below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjtYV8jOqnk]


1. Heartsrevolution – Ave Maria [Intro]
2. Ghastly & Mija – Crank It feat. Lil Jon
3. What So Not – Jaguar
4. Yogi – Burial (Skrillex & Trollphace Remix)
5. The M Machine – Just Like
6. Moody Good – Hotplate ft. Knytro
7. Alex Metric – Heart Weighs A Ton ft. Stefan Storm
8. Carmada – Realise ft. Noah Shee
9. Etnik – Unclassified ft. Mykki Blanco
10. Cause & Affect – Stampede
11. Valentino Khan – Make Some Noise
12. Hundred Waters – Out Alee
13. Skrillex & Diplo – Dirty Vibe ft. CL & G-Dragon
14. Jack Beats – Beatbox
15. Snails & Antiserum – Wild
16. TC – Get Down Low (Silverback Remix)
17. Aryay – Lawnmower
18. Phonat – Never
19. Rell the Soundbender & Twine – Dome Shot
20. Heartsrevolution – Ride or Die
21. MUST DIE! – Imprint ft. Tkay Maidza
22. David Heartbreak – Tonight ft. Skylar Grey
23. Henry Fong – Stand Up (Milo & Otis Remix)
24. Riton – Need Your Love ft. Jagga
25. Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Fatman Scoop – Recess
26. Trollphace – Make it Bounce ft. Harvey J
27. What So Not – High You Are (Branchez Remix)
28. Jack Ü – Take Ü There

Eats Everything to Release ‘Fries With That?’ DJ Mix Album

eats everything new

We all know Bristol-born house DJ/producer Eats Everything cuts a great 12”, and we all know he spins a good DJ set, so why such a wait on a take-home DJ mix album? Perhaps he was just waiting for the most opportune time but alas, that time is now, and it’s a king-sized, 130-minute experience called, excellently enough, Fries With That?

Divided into two sections (a hearty “Main Course,” followed by “Dessert”), this set includes a wealth of eclectic artists from the Eats Everything record box, including Jose Nunez, Flux Mode, Mr. G, the Creator Session, and a ton more. Speaking of the set, Eats (a.k.a. Dan Pearce) explains, “These mixes have been a labour of love for me, and something that I really wanted to get across in the right way. Disc One is a collection of records that I am really feeling at the moment and hope will stand the test of time as a mix CD that you can listen to for years to come, whilst Disc Two is basically a collection of ‘my classics’, either records I grew up with, ones that got me into house/techno, or I have discovered along the way and have become classics to me, even if I have only known them for a short while.”

It’s a tall order but one worth gorging on. In the meantime, chew over the track listing below while listening to Eats’ recently released 4×4 remix of Tiga’s “Bugatti.” Fries With That? is out January 26, 2015 on Hypercolour. Continue Reading

Dro Carey Details ‘Club Injury Handbook’ EP with Awesome Album Art


Have your ever been in a club and worried about safety – like where all the exits are, and what to do in case of a fire or any other unseen dilemma? Given the amount of injuries and deaths that have occurred in recent years over insufficient exits, it’s more than enough to give one pause before entering a crowded place. Greco-Roman’s new signee Dro Carey has thought about this too, and for his debut EP on the label, he’s included diagrams of dance floors and their emergency routes in the album art. Check it.

The Club Injury Handbook EP finds the Australian producer expanding his off-kilter style in a manner that pushes it closer to more traditionalist club music, maintaining the warbled weirdness of previous records The Trilogy Tapes and Berceuse Heroique with a touch more accessibility.

Greco-Roman is a leftfield label well known for its exceptional roster of house, nu disco, and techno artists, and on Dro Carey’s debut for GR, it’s looking like he’s living up to the legacy. It features guest spots from Chocolate and Kid Kairo, and features tracks that comment on the scene damaging issues in Australia like the curtailing of late night venues and trading. Perhaps the safety instruction album art will do something about New South Wales’ 3 a.m. lock out laws – we shall see!

The Club Injury Handbook is out December 1 on Greco-Roman. Stream the title track below.

Dada Life’s Olle Cornéer Diagnosed with Cancer

olle facebook

Some worrisome news from Dada Life’s Olle Cornéer. In a candid post on Dada Life’s website and Facebook, Cornéer has revealed that he has cancer. “The only word I could hear was ‘cancer,’” says Cornéer. “It kept bouncing inside my head and I don’t think I heard what the doctor said for the rest of the visit.”

In the past few months, Cornéer has not been touring as he was diagnosed in September and immediately sought treatment. “It was a Monday. On Wednesday I had surgery (moving fast is important). Since then I’ve been taking blood samples, going through X-rays and talking to doctors. And now I’m in chemotherapy.”

Reading Cornéer’s concerned but resilient words on the subject is reassuring – this has been a particularly heat-wrenching year for the DJ community. We lost both DJ Rashad and Frankie Knuckles unexpectedly, and it’s great to hear that Cornéer has caught it quickly and is doing what’s needed for a full recovery.

In addition to his treatments, Cornéer is still making music, having just finished tracks under his Night Gestalt moniker. He describes the project as the sounds he hears in his head “after the lights go dark at a big show, alone winding down at night,” which will be particularly intriguing to hear considering his recent diagnosis. He is also excited to work on new Dada Life tracks soon, which is great to hear.

Read Cornéer’s full statement here, and watch a clip of Cornéer directing a choir for his experimental New Flesh Network project.

[vimeo 33388571 w=500 h=281]

New Flesh Network from Olle Corneer on Vimeo.