Download: Cornershop / “Solid Gold” (Tal M. Klein Remix)

Legendary Brit band Cornershop have written some notable tunes in their day. What’s more is that they also know a thing or two about remixes. Case in point is Fatboy Slim’s classic remix of “Brimful of Asha” back in the day that blew up and helped elevate the tune to classic status.

Today the band released their new album, Urban Turban, and they’ve made Tal M. Klein’s remix of “Solid Gold” exclusive to Big Shot readers.

“My approach to the remix was to start by dusting off some old drum machines from the antique cabinet and geek out on drum programming for a bit — can you identify the Electro-Harmonix Super Space Drum?,” explains Klein, who runs San Francisco-based Aniligital Music. “I originally wanted to make the remix slow & sexy, almost like an homage to Clinton’s ‘Before the Fizz Is Gone’ — but things turned sleazy when I accidentally sped up the BPM on the 303 bass line — yes, that’s a real Roland TB-303 you’re hearing — and so that became the core of the track. I enjoyed the original’s cut-up components, and the hardest part for me was restraint in trying to keep it all simple.”

Download the remix now, and be sure to pick it up this summer when it’s released on gold vinyl!