DJ Sneak and Steve Angello Collaborating on ‘Surprise’ Project


A year after they engaged in a bitter feud on Twitter, house hero DJ Sneak and former Swedish House Mafia member Steve Angello have collaborated on a musical project called Surprise. Apparently the union came about when the two DJs crossed paths at an airport a few months ago. Instead of exchanging insults, the DJs took the high road and traded tracks, leading to their unlikely musical partnership. The bad news? Fans interested in hearing their collaboration are going to have to wait until April Fools’ Day 2222. Sources close to both DJs tell us their associated string of club gigs will only take place in Antarctica — which will find them tag teaming on two cassette decks and two 8-track players — will be dubbed the When Hell Freezes Over tour. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more on this, er,  interesting and most unlikely musical union.

Swedish House Mafia Lighting Ceremony at Empire State Building [Photos]

Steve and the Mafia enjoying the moment

Parting is such sweet sorrow. With only days left to go for Swedish House Mafia’s long farewell, the three members of the DJ/producer threesome were honored yesterday afternoon in New York City, where they gathered for a lighting ceremony at the world-famous Empire State Building. Their Black Tie Rave benefit held last night at Hammerstein Ballroom before a string of four sold-out New York City shows raised money and awareness for Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City and Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief. For this good deed someone of power felt that they should be honored by having the building illuminated in yellow and blue, the colors of the Swedish flag.

Arriving roughly 15 minutes late with their families at their side to a pack of eager photographers jostling for space behind a velvet rope, an official from the Building gave a few introductory remarks before handing over the podium to the Mafia. Axwell did the talking as Steve Angello stood to his right, smiling and enjoying the moment, while Sebastian Ingrosso on the left looked happy and perhaps a tad nervous.

The threesome then stepped to their right amid a barrage of camera flashes and flipped a switch, turning the art deco building yellow and blue. When they saw the miniature version of the Building light up, they all locked eyes and smiled. It was a graceful and genuine moment that was perfectly in line with how they’ve orchestrated their own demise.

Images by Darren Ressler

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Rolling Stone Fails to Ask Swedish House Mafia’s Steve Angello Two Tough Questions

Last month Axwell gave an interview explaining why Swedish House Mafia disbanded. Now Steve Angello is echoing his soon-to-be-former groupmate’s sentiments. Talking to Rolling Stone, Angello said the reason for the trio calling it a day is because the threesome felt they had attained its creative threshold and couldn’t go any further.

“We just decided that we reached a point where we don’t know what the next move would be,” he told RS. “We always like the challenge. And we don’t like to repeat ourselves. We just felt like it was time.”

Angello denied that tension caused the group’s seemingly abrupt cessation. “We’re like brothers,” he said. “We’re still here. It’s not like anybody has died. We’ve had beyond our dreams and we’ve come very, very far. We just felt like, ‘let’s stop touring.'”

The RS interview failed to touch on the Twitter feud Angello was involved in with DJ Sneak earlier in the year and didn’t ask about Angello’s infamous “fake DJ” set at Dance Valley in 2011where YouTube video shows Angello playing a mix CD and not DJing during his set. Perhaps that a caveat for the exclusive interview….who knows.

If you’re feeling sad for Angello, don’t be. He’s doing just fine. His Size in the Park event taking place on September 22 in New York’s Central Park, featuring sets from AN21 & Max Vangelli, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and Third Party, is sold-out.

As for SHM they will host a final hometown blowout in Stockholm on November 24 and play their final U.S. gig this September at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas.

DJs React To Swedish House Mafia’s Breakup on Twitter

Now that the world has had a day to process Swedish House Mafia‘s news that their upcoming tour will be their last, many of the trio’s peers have taken to Twitter to express their sentiments. DJ Sneak, who became embroiled in a Twitter-feud with Steven Angello in March, tweeted, “This is a game of chess & I just checked mate.” Other jocks like Armin Van Buuren were disappointed, calling the trio’s demise “a sad day for EDM” while some took the group to task for comparing themselves to The Beatles. Have a look at some of the tweets we culled and tell us what you think about SHM’s breakup.

Swedish House Mafia’s Next Tour Will Be Their Last

In a move that has surprised fans and music industry types, Swedish House Mafia have posted a message on their website announcing their upcoming tour will be their last. “Today we want to share with you that the tour we are about to go on will be our last,” the black-and-white message said. “We want to thank every single one of you who came on this journey. We came, we raved, we loved.”

The brief message alluded to what will likely be their farewell DJ tour. “The final leg of this journey will be announced in August.”

Whether or not you were a fan of Mafia’s’s music, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello achieved more success than most pop groups, headlining Madison Square Garden, Milton Keynes Bowl and Coachella and regularly selling out shows all over the world. They also created the revered Masquerade Motel party brand and linked up with Absolut Vokda for a campaign.

Though the Mafia’s members are being quiet about their decision, what is know is that the trio has changed management recently and some of the members have been taken to task for allegedly playing mix CDs and not DJing duirng their shows.

Before Winter Music Conference DJ Sneak called out Steve Angello and Swedish House Mafia in an interview, leading to testy exchanges with Angello on Twitter. In Big Shot‘s interview with DJ Sneak, he described the Mafia “a DJ fraud.” (Angello’s publicist said Angello had no comment.)

While some fans will be upset that their favorite group will no longer be touring and, presumably, not recording music (all of the members have solo careers), there’s a good chance DJ Sneak and a few other non fans will be walking around today with a big smile on their face.

The group’s last post on Twitter reads as follows: “Thank you. And goodnight.”

DJ Sneak Speaks About Twitter Feud with Swedish House Mafia’s Steve Angello

The usually politically correct world of DJ culture was turned upside down at the end of March when DJ Sneak and Swedish House Mafia‘s Steve Angello began exchanging barbs via Twitter. Sneak, who is revered in the house scene for his years of remixes and productions, took mega trio Swedish House Mafia to task over what he felt was the triumvirate’s lack of musical authenticity. Sneak’s tweets prompted Angello to defend his group’s honor and the exchanges on Twitter between the two DJs became heated and personal.

With feuds among DJs a rare phenomenon, the row unknowingly touched on a plethora of unspoken issues in the scene, one whose biggest earners are now featured in a column in money bible Forbes magazine.

In this exclusive interview, Sneak explains his side of the story, the origin of the feud with Swedish House Mafia and why he has no regrets about what he said and tweeted. Big Shot reached out to Steve Angello’s publicist asking if he’d answer the same questions we posed to Sneak, but our request for an interview was denied.

From what I can tell the feud with Steve Angello began when you were joking around on Twitter with Junior Sanchez. What exactly happened?
It really did not start there — it started in an interview for DJ where they asked me about the state of the music industry and a few other industry related questions. I answered honestly and, of course, they just took a particular quote and blew it up. I guess they knew the quote would get people’s attention.

Steve Angello tweeted “it’s stupid of you calling people out like that on twitter, we always respected you but you show a side that’s fucked up.” Did you call him out specifically?
I did not call any individual out; I just called their group a DJ fraud. If you are going to do pre-recorded sets then call yourself a live act or a performer, leave the DJing to real DJs. There are many DJs out there that can rock a crowd and do what they have to without faking it.

“You can never expect everyone to agree or like what you say, I was just stating my opinion and knew there would be those who would disagree.”

As news of the feud spread some people wound up saying nasty things about both of you. What is your reaction to that?
It comes with the territory. Again I simply stated something that everybody knows is true but no one had the balls to put out there. I always give respect where respect is due, not just in house music. There are great DJs using technology but [they] are still doing things live. In my opinion you are suppose to be creative, give the people something new, something unique, not something that has been created prior to the moment while you stand there and act like you’re doing something special.

Reaction to the feud has been split. Do you think you unknowingly touched on opinions in DJ culture — underground music vs. mainstream dance music; superstar DJs vs. niche DJs — that have gone unspoken until now?
I’m fine with the fact that not everyone agrees with my comments; you can never expect everyone to agree or like what you say, I was just stating my opinion and knew there would be those who would disagree. I feel a split should happen: choose your side but be real about it. If you are doing it for fame and money then just admit it, the truth will set you free.

Do you wish that you could take back the first — or any — of those tweets?
No, I stand by my comments. I did not make this a hate [or] smear campaign, I simple gave my opinion and maybe the reason why it got so much attention was due to the fact that there is truth to it. I didn’t mean for it to blow up like it did, I just felt that some info needed to be shared, the rest was out of my control.

Where does the feud stand now with you?
I don’t wish bad upon anybody. Everybody has got to make a living; just be real about who you are, why you’re in it, and don’t front like you’re The Rolling Stones or someone of this caliber. I have spent many years respecting and admiring this craft and music; I just got upset and fed up of watching people shit on something I love. I said what I wanted to say, people reacted, and now I’m quite positive everyone will go back to doing what they feel that have to do. Those who are fake will continue to be fake, and the others will keep hustling for the love.

Anything you’d like to say to Steve about the feud?
There is no beef, only truth and lies.

How do you intend to work past it?
I’m not bothered. I said what I had to say and that’s it. It’s up to public opinion where it goes now. I will just keep being me and take care of what I gotta do.

Will what happened change how you tweet or communicate on social media?
No, I will still be real about things, support the many talented people of the world, respect the people that have earned it, and continue to be me.