Pioneer Unveils XDJ-700 CD Player


You never can tell what the folks at Pioneer have got up their sleeves at any given moment, so it’s always worthwhile to pay close attention to what they’re putting out. In this case, Pioneer DJ has unveiled a new digital player that promises to be the company’s most versatile to date. The XDJ-700 is a compact digital deck that comes rekordbox-ready and includes, among many other things, Pro DJ Link, which allows users to share a single sound source with up to four other players (or laptops).

If you want to have a close look at the nitty gritty of the XDJ-700, which is expected to arrive in December, here are just some of the deck’s most attractive features: quantized auto loops and hot cues, slip mode, full-color touch screen, beat sync, MIDI assignable capabilities, and a screen display of recordbox track info including Wave Zoom, Beat Countdown, and Phase Meter. Now, if all of the above has got you hot and bothered, maybe you ought to consider putting this puppy on your holiday wish list for this year. The XDJ-700 is available in December at an SRP of €699, including VAT.

Is Pioneer’s Rekordbox DJ Plus Pack a Serato-Killer?


It looks like Pioneer is making life a lot easier for DJ’s these days, which is, after all, in their own best interests as well, no? With the advent of their rekordbox dj Plus Pack, which can be gotten as an in-software purchase from rekordbox 4.0, DJs can do everything they need in terms of getting their sets together right there in rekordbox. Cues, tags, loops, you name it, you’ve got it without having to move your tracks into some other platform. The same library you use for set prep will be the one you use for performance.

Starting on October 1, rekordbox can be downloaded free, and from there you can access the 30-day free trial of rekordbox DJ or purchase the rekordbox dj Plus Pack. And rekordbox dj will be bundled with the DDJ-RZ or DDJ-RX controller, depending on which version you want. Both controllers have new features like beat parameter buttons and Sampler Cue and Sequencer modes. The DDJ-RZ also includes a magnetic crossfader, large jog wheels, an OSC sampler, and a pair of USB sound cards. And in case you’ve got a hankering to see this stuff in action, the rekordbox dj tour will be kicking off on October 20.

Pioneer DJ’s RM Series Studio Monitors Out in June

Pioneer DJ RM Series studio monitors.

Now a standalone company, Pioneer DJ is doing what it promised to do when it was sold earlier in the year: innovate. The leader in the DJ equipment market is setting its sights on the project studio with its brand-new line of RM studio speakers.

In June the company will present two coaxial active reference monitor speakers, the RM-05 and RM-07, designed to deliver them the ideal tool for producers in need of high-res sound.

According to a missive, the series uses state-of-the-art design for maximum sound quality:

The RM Series’ uses a coaxial driver unit from Pioneer pro-audio brand TADi to ensure audio from the tweeter and woofer emanates from the same point for a more accurate sound. The aramid fibre woofers and front-loaded bass reflex system with grooved ducts ensure a clean bass, while the aluminium hard domed tweeter has been optimised to deliver rousing high frequencies of up to 50 kHz.

The RM-05 and RM-07 professional studio monitors will sell for €549 (RM-05) and €729 (RM-07) per speaker, including VAT.

See full details about the series below.


1. HD-Coaxial driver unit for accurate point source monitoring
The RM series adopts its HD-coaxial driver unit from Pioneer sub-brand TAD, placing the woofer and the tweeter on the same axis to ensure a truer response across the frequencies. A newly developed waveguide minimises interference between the drivers, to produce a true, neutral sound with excellent isolation, perfect for near-field monitoring in a professional studio.

2. 50 kHz tweeter for precise, electrifying high frequencies
The 1.5-inch hard dome aluminium tweeters were designed using unique Pioneer technologyii for added frequency response. The diaphragm’s shape and materials are optimised to deliver precise, rousing high frequency sounds.

3. Rigid die-cast aluminium cabinet with curved contours for superb sound clarity
The RM Series housings are made from die-cast aluminium for maximum rigidity and reduced resonance at all volumes. The cabinet’s curved surfaces optimise the rigidity and reduce external diffraction – while giving the speakers a sleek design that will look good in the studio.

4. AFASTiii acoustic tube reduces standing waves for a clear low-mid frequencies
Pioneer’s patented AFAST technology drastically reduces standing waves that can produce a muffled response in the low to mid ranges. An acoustic tube in the cabinet absorbs just the standing waves, ensuring true reproduction of low to mid frequencies.

5. Front-loaded bass reflex system with grooves for a smooth, clean bass
The RM-05 and RM-07 feature aramid fibre woofers for a robust bass response. Plus the front-loaded bass reflex design and innovative grooves on the bass ducts reduce air friction, even when the speakers are positioned right against the wall.

6. Low/Mid/High EQ settings for added flexibility and control
A three-band EQ (Low/Mid/High) gives producers the option to tailor the monitor speakers’ sound or audition tracks for certain scenarios, and has four pre-sets for each band.

7. Other features
• Custom-designed Class AB bi-amps ensure balance across the frequencies
• Exclusive toroidal transformer power source for excellent S/N ratio and no distortion
• Clip indicator to protect the unit from excessive input
• Wide range of inputs (XLR and RCA)
• Auto standby On/Off function

Pioneer DJ Launches First Touch-Screen, USB-Only Player


Live DJing just got a whole lot more futuristic with Pioneer’s new XDJ-1000. The first Pioneer DJ player without a CD drive, the XDJ-1000 meets the frequent demands for a USB-only drive that matches the performance of previous CD-based models. The large, full-color LCD touch-screen now makes DJing more intuitive then ever with all of the necessary elements right at your fingertips, with a 7-inch touch screen which allows for optimal browsing and execution. Inheriting many of the essential elements from the CDJ-2000 NXS, such as the 206 jog wheel, slip mode, quantize, and beat sync, this new model is the first ever touch-screen DJ platform — basically, this thing is the kind of device you would have seen in The Fifth Element.

In addition to all those nuances and top gear features, the DJ also comes with a free download of rekordbox, is fully MIDI compatible, and is Serato DJ HID support planned for late 2014.

Watch the XDJ-1000 in action below.

Pioneer DJ Sold to Private Equity Firm for $550 Million

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2
After a report surfaced earlier in the month that Pioneer Corporation had put its DJ equipment division on the selling block, the Japanese manufacturer has confirmed it has sold Pioneer DJ to private equity firm KKR & Co LP For $550 million.

Pioneer has been selling off non-core assets to focus on its automotive electronics business. On Friday, the company said it would sell its home audio-visual business to audio equipment maker Onkyo Corp.

Obligatory press release gush from Susumu Kotani, Representative Director, President and CEO of Pioneer, said, “As we accelerate our efforts to concentrate management resources on our car electronics business, Pioneer has been seeking the optimal partner to further the globalization of our DJ equipment business and expand the brand. We are pleased to have reached an agreement with KKR on the purchase of Pioneer DJ. KKR has a wealth of experience in the technology and media industry globally, and we are confident it has the expertise to drive Pioneer DJ forward. Pioneer will retain 14.95% of the voting rights in Pioneer DJ and we will maintain a framework for cooperation to ensure the future growth of the company.”

Obligatory press release gush from Hirofumi Hirano, Member of KKR and CEO of KKR Japan, said, “Pioneer has built a leading global DJ equipment business based on its powerful brands and excellence in matching product development to market requirements. KKR will work together with Pioneer DJ’s innovative management team and employees, and our investment partner Pioneer, to support further long-term growth of the business.”

The deal is expected to close in March 2015.

Report: Pioneer DJ Is For Sale

pioneer DJ for sale

Pioneer DJ, a globally distributed manufacturer of DJ equipment owned by Japan-based Pioneer Corporation, is for sale.

According to Reuters, Pioneer Corporation is in the process of selling Pioneer DJ in a deal that could fetch $570 million. The report stated that Bank of America Merrill Lynch will handle the sale and various global equity firms are among the final bidders for the division.

Pioneer Corporation, which is said to have turned a profit last year, is in the process of selling off non-core assets to focus on the automotive electronics business. In June the firm agreed to sell most of its loss-making audio-video operations to a consortium comprising Hong Kong-based Baring Private Equity Asia and audio equipment maker Onkyo Corp. That deal has yet to close.

In related news, last month Pioneer, which is famous for its CDJ line of CD players, expanded its DJ line to India.