Josh Wink and Steve Bug Come to Space Ibiza

Josh Wink Steve Bug Ibiza

Let’s say you’re hosting one of the most cutting-edge parties at one of the coolest spots in Ibiza. Now let’s just say for the sake of it that the party is Kekahuma and the spot is the Space terrace. This is a place where summer means everything, so when you’re planning out your season, you’re gonna want to get some bona fide vets in there who really know how to kick things up to the next level. So who are you gonna call? Yep, you guessed it — Josh Wink and Steve Bug.

Between them, these two men have done more for acid house and techno over the years than any dozen people you can think of. Germany’s Bug and the U.S.’s own Wink have forged fierce paths not only through their own recordings but through the other works they’ve released via their own labels (Ovum and Poker Flat, respectively). And on four nights spread throughout the summer, they’ll be playing back-to-back sets that demonstrate exactly why they’ve earned such renown through the decades. The first of those dates is coming up quickly — it’s this Saturday, June 13, but don’t sweat it, if that’s too short notice, you should still have enough lead time to set yourself up for one of the upcoming nights.

Josh Wink & Steve Bug b2b @ Kekahuma:

June 13

July 11

August 8

September 12