Album Review: Federico Gandin / ‘Legion of the Lost Dreams’ (Opilec Music)


With an adventurer’s title befitting of Harry Potter or Indiana Jones, you won’t be disappointed to learn that Federico Gandin’s chosen mission is to explore deep house. First he heads down, tech and acid-injected point-making and tough skippiness (“Moving Points”). While ‘in the zone’ may be a played out description, Gandin is vengeful in as much as he knows what he wants and the best way of going about it.

His deep house fundamentalism “When the Night Fall” displays signs of less aggravated things to come, while he flaunts his dance floor ABCs. There is literally a breaking of the deadlock with a 75-second interlude and burst of bubble-blowing fun on “Many Paridisi”, which, no matter how self-indulgent, gives the album something of a crossing point. The fluffier “A Sonic Day on the Milky Way” spins Saturn’s rings like a turntable; okay, “Marimba Club Jupiter” goes deep house cave exploring and can’t quite let go of the heavy duty, but the remainder, though no less tracky, are searching with less burden. The building up to exclamation points turns the Balearics into a lost city that Grandin discovers, and his lost dreams turn out to be true soldiers.
File under: I-Robots, Orlando Voorn, Playdoughboy