Premiere: Mimetic – Gone


Swiss label Les Arts Minis returns today after a three-year hiatus with the Maidenhead EP created by veteran Geneva-based DJ/producer/musician Jérome Soudan (a.k.a. Mimetic). On “Gone,” which were extremely pleased to world premiere, Soudan taps into his two decades of edpertise and channels his penchant for industrial-strength beats and grooves into a seamless collision with a serrated techno backdrop.

Soudan had this to say about his fiery cut: “In French dialect ‘gone’ means kids, something like ‘kids of the street.’ It sounded interesting to me to make an analogy with what it means in English, and all the works that artist were working on with that notion of leaving behind everything you know and starting a new life, relating to the maidenhead notion.”

Mimetic November 2016 Chart


  1. Steve Shaden – Criminal – LW Recordings
  2. Giorgio Gigli & VSK – Memories Of An Unconnected Era – Planet Rhythm
  3. Will Ward – Over Loop – Newrhythmic Records
  4. Soolee – Rebels (Repaint Mix) – Take More Music Records
  5. Bruno Ledesma – Gadabout (Pedro Freiberger Remix) – Keep Calm Records
  6. Conrad Van Orton – Conditio Sine Qua Non – Nachtstrom Schallplatten
  7. Tom Laws – Free Mind – Reload Black Label
  8. Light Minded – Electron – Switch Music Recording
  9. Ben Techy – Parasite – Terminus Audio
  10. Alignment – Abduction – Voxnox Records

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