‘Mangiami La Compilation’ Salutes Bygone NYC Spot


What was special about New York’s Mangiami? To answer a question with a question, where else could you go to feed your ears and your stomach simultaneously? For six years, this Lower East Side eatery served as a hotbed of creative activity, and it was an evolution that occurred organically. To quote former Mangiami promoter and musical co-director Jason Kincade, “Every Monday (and later Wednesday) from after work until far too late on a weeknight pretty much a who’s who of local heroes and international superstars would play on the rickety old Technics sat on the bar, with mayhem and general debauchery to follow. It wouldn’t be a surprise to come in one night and find DJ Harvey at a table with Tim Sweeney next to Alex from Tokyo and Bing Ji Ling with Eric Duncan manning the decks and 100 people crowded into the tiny space and spilling out into the street.”

Now those halcyon days are being saluted with Golf Channel‘s release of Mangiami La Compilation. Available as a download, CD, or gatefold double LP, it features some of the finest artists from Mangiami’s history, laying down the kind of beats that made the place an underground legend. So even if you weren’t able to partake of the Mangiami’s experience in person when it was going down (its time came to an end in 2012), you can still soak up a little slice of history that makes you feel like you’re there. And if you were there, these tracks will take you back.

Track list:

a1. Grackle – Jungle (T. Keeler & Capablanca rework)
a2. Dedication – Let Me Rock You

b1. Thugfucker 100
b2. Populette – Another One

c1. Alex From Tokyo And Bing Ji Ling featuring MC Kinky G – Don’t Move
c2. Nick Chacona – Band Practice (Cole Odin’s Brooklyn Gal Vocal Mix)

d1. The Loose Control Band Featuring Ray Stevens II – Doin’ It
d2. Totes Preesh – The Spirit Is Alive