Compilation Review: ‘6 Years Hive’ (Hive Audio)


Six years is cause for celebration across three slices of vinyl; if your knowledge of the ins and outs of Zurich only extends to clichés of cuckoo clocks and contrived intros mentioning cheese with holes in, here’s a chance to up your book and house smarts. 6 Years Hive has a routine premise of showing the depth of its devotion to pure house sounds. Adriatique, the muttering Niko Schwind and the tracky Benja & Reto Ardour, are the electro-synth players revealing passages of neon blackout. Those turning up for superficial ’80s reform best think again, especially when the latter reboot a classic Madonna sample. David Keno continues the trend of spindly electro-house with a look that could kill (and also in obvious sampling, this time putting Dawn Penn back on), though here with more of a big room bounce.

Animal Trainer, the compilation’s curators, show “Lazy Fat Bird” is no overweight sloth, but a nice refocus of deep house that’s been tastily and tastefully sexed up by Rampa & ReYou, while Jan Blomqvist lays claim to the collection’s most emotional Ibiza capture. Deep vigour from SIS and the party-hardy Luna City Express gets sweat flying until asses are funking into puddles, standing alone in not playing with electro mechanics. Matthias Meyer’s tribal disco completes the cast for Hive to become a must-have.
File under: Einzelkind, Bassburo, Kellerkind