The Prodigy’s Sixth Album ‘The Day Is My Enemy’ Out March 30 [Video]


Fans of The Prodigy are howling with glee today as the revered UK band have announced the release of their sixth album, The Day Is My Enemy, out March 30 on Take Me To The Hospital/Cooking Vinyl. Details about the release are sketchy, but Liam Howlett and the boys did release a two-minute trailer for the album (watch it below) dubbed Can You Hear Me?

More news about the album will be revealed via the group’s website on January 12.

Tracklisting for The Day Is My Enemy

  1. The Day is My Enemy
  2. Nasty
  3. Rebel Radio
  4. Ibiza feat. Sleaford Mods
  5. Destroy
  6. Wild Frontier
  7. Rok-Weiler
  8. Beyond the Deathray
  9. Rhythm Bomb feat. Flux Pavilion
  10. Roadblox
  11. Get Your Fight On
  12. Medicine
  13. Invisible Sun
  14. Wall Of Death

The Prodigy’s Liam Howlett Considering Another ‘Dirtchamber’ Session

liam_howlettIn 1999, The Prodigy’s Liam Howlett released The Dirtchamber Sessions, a sprawling 50-track DJ mix initially produced for the BBC’s Breezeblock show. Regarded by many as one of the best DJ mixes ever released, Howlett told Big Shot that he’s thinking about releasing the follow-up next year.

“I think there’s a definite demand for people who’d like to hear another one. I really enjoyed doing it, and it came at the right time,” Howlett told us. “It was during the time after Fat of the Land where we had finished touring and I had time on my hands. I think next year would be a good time to put another one out. It all started as a Radio 1 mix for Mary Anne Hobbs. The original version had The beatles’ “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band,” and we couldn’t get clearance for those tracks. The next one could be interesting.”

Read more about The Prodigy in Issue 27, which goes on-sale at the end of the month.