Jori Hulkkonen LP ‘Oh But I Am’ Is Coming


It’s been nearly two decades since Jori Hulkkonen unleashed his debut album, making his mark as one of Finland’s most distinctive producers and composers. But over the last few years, his attention has drifted away from strictly solo outings to side projects like Sin Cos Tan, Nuclear Winter Garden and Third Culture. But now Hulkkonen is getting set to release his first album under his own name since 2009, and as longtime admirers might expect, it’s an intriguing amalgam of the styles that have been part of his sonic perspective all through the years.

On September 28, Hukkonen’s new album, Oh But I Am, will be released by the My Favorite Robot label. And anyone expecting a musically monochromatic experience is directed to look elsewhere. There are elements of everything from house and electro to Italo and straight-up, vocal-based synth pop to be found on this record, and the resulting vibe is all the richer for the sonic diversity. You’ve got to keep your eye on this guy at all times — you can never be sure exactly where his muse will lead him next.

Track list:

  1. Last Cut is the Deepest
  2. Waiting is All We Have
  3. Four Step Program
  4. Black Books
  5. Quick to Judge, Slow to Execute
  6. Capetown People
  7. Fall Hard
  8. Songs of the Eastern World
  9. Left Alone, Right Together
  10. Italian Love Affair
  11. Ready Player One
  12. Exotica Memoirs