Feed Me Announces Upcoming Break From Music

Feed Me

Jon Gooch, the DJ/production dynamo behind dubstep/electro entity Feed Me and influential drum ‘n’ bass project Spor, announced via Twitter that he plans to take a respite from DJing in the fall. The news was certainly unexpected, especially considering that Gooch has been touring consistently and has become a major name on the global electronic music scene. “I went to a Dance Music ‘EDC’ event last week and had absolutely no idea what was going on,” he tweeted. “…However I’ve got a pressing feeling that its not…what I’m supposed to be doing. Around Autumn time I intent to stop, at least for a while.” Gooch’s next tweet came from Austin, where he was playing and reported that the club seemed nice. “Arrived at Kingdom in Austin with @brosafari. What a nice club, can’t wait.” Gooch hasn’t tweeted since, leaving fans to wonder what the future holds for him.

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