Extended Play December 2016 Chart

extended play houston

1. Extended Play – “Sounds Like Glitter” (John Debo Remix) (Mindwarp Digital) 
“Sounds Like Glitter” was pretty special for a good guitar breakdown. Shows a level of musicianship that sits in the balance. John Debo really did the best job for a remix.

2. Adriatique – “Womb” (Original) (Siamese)
We highly appreciate their use of dark synths. They always deliver a great sound.

3. Wander to Hell – “Vaal” (Locked Groove Remix) (Afterlife) 
Life and Death to Afterlife, we have really favoured many artists on these labels. This one took us by surprise, and we love the vocal work from Vaal.

4. Extended Play – “Usual Suspects” (Framework Remix) (FADE Records) 
From a House track to now a synthy tone, Framework brought the original to life.

5. D-Formation – “Balkia” (Ruede Hagelstein Remix) (Suara) 
Hard to pick a favorite and definitely a studio mastermind. We really appreciate his work.

6. Audiofly feat. Georgia Lewis – “In The (Last) Moment” (Robag’s Ponk Pramen NB Remix) (Crosstown Rebels) 
Great closing track! Everything Ruede makes is gold.

7. Tvardovsky – “Sanctuarium” (Original Mix) (Dear Deer)
His music has been circulating more and really like his work. This was our pick for this newer producer.

8. Jon Hester – “Constellations” (Original Mix) (Dystopian)
Very great track for a spacey/drivey mood. Usually we see a great crowd response.

9. Terranova, Stereo MC’s – “004Beat” (Original Mix) (Connected Frontline) 
This is a great DJ tool and really love dropping this in many sets.

10. Barnt – “Cherry Red” (Tale of US, Recondite Remix) (Magazine)
Top tune!

DJs, submit your top 10 chart along with a photo and we’ll publish.