Elijah Simmons October 2016 Chart


  1. The Pool – “Dance It Down” (Dark Entries)
  2. Spacerocks -“Space Rocks” (Invisible Inc)
  3. Lumigraph -“Bulletproof Holiday” (Major Problems)
  4. Fantastic Man -“Rhythm Algorithm” (Superconscious)
  5. Portable -“Say It’s Going To Change” (!K7)
  6. Jaydee -“Plastic Dreams” (R&S)
  7. Negative Hallucination -“Solidarity” (Golf Channel)
  8. Takuya Matsumoto -“Sweetrainsuite” (Clone Royal Oak)
  9. XOA -“Aiye Le” (Shake)
  10. King Britt pres Obafunke -“Uzoamaka” (SoHaSo)

DJs, submit your top 10 chart along with a photo and we’ll publish.