Big Shot Guest Mix: Alan Nieves

Alan Nieves

The evolution of tech-house in the late ’90s presented a new wrinkle for the tattered fabric known as dance music. Blending the sheen of Detroit techno with the soul of Chicago house, the glistening sound was embraced by a wealth of talented artists hailing from all over the world — Swayzak, Terry Lee Brown, Jr. and Jesper Dahlbäck, to name a few — who laid roots on a style which continues to evolve and innovate.

Working in a genre that’s all about evolution, NYC tech-house DJ/producer Alan Nieves has been doing his share to keep his sound deep, funky and taut. Over the span of top releases for Bedroom Muzik, Adverso, Patent Skillz, Subinstinct and Kombo, he’s used new technological twists to ensure his music offers maximum dance floor enjoyment.

In the coming weeks Nieves will release a two-track EP on Deux Minds and has a track featured on an upcoming Habla Music compilation out in May.

Nieves hunkered down in his studio and forged a red-hot Big Shot Guest Mix, a 10-track journey previewing four (!) of his new jams as well as bespoke selections from Mario Ochoa, Simone Liberali and Jaceo.

“This mix was inspired by my recent releases, several of which are featured in it,” says Nieves. “I wanted to do something to share my recent productions as well as share some of the other tracks I’m into these days. In addition, I want to capture some of the optimism as we kick off the spring season with some fresh new grooves.”

Listen below and enjoy!

Big Shot Guest Mix: Alan Nieves by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud


Big Shot Guest Mix: Alan Nieves

  1. Groovetonic, Thule – “Party Starter” (Bedroom Muzik)
  2. Mario Ochoa – “Pangea” (Adverso Records)
  3. George Privatti, Guille Placencia – “Angelycus” (Looping Records)
  4. Alan Nieves – “Rumble” (Bedroom Muzik)
  5. Charles Ramirez, Luca M, JUST2 – “Rave Weapon” (Suara)
  6. Alan Nieves – “Just You” (Deux Minds)
  7. Jaceo – “Thirst” (Bitten Records)
  8. Alan Nieves – “Heavy” (Bedroom Muzik)
  9. Simone Liberali – “Redemption” (Clarisse)
  10. Alan Nieves – “A Stare” (Subinstinct)

Eats Everything to Release ‘Fries With That?’ DJ Mix Album

eats everything new

We all know Bristol-born house DJ/producer Eats Everything cuts a great 12”, and we all know he spins a good DJ set, so why such a wait on a take-home DJ mix album? Perhaps he was just waiting for the most opportune time but alas, that time is now, and it’s a king-sized, 130-minute experience called, excellently enough, Fries With That?

Divided into two sections (a hearty “Main Course,” followed by “Dessert”), this set includes a wealth of eclectic artists from the Eats Everything record box, including Jose Nunez, Flux Mode, Mr. G, the Creator Session, and a ton more. Speaking of the set, Eats (a.k.a. Dan Pearce) explains, “These mixes have been a labour of love for me, and something that I really wanted to get across in the right way. Disc One is a collection of records that I am really feeling at the moment and hope will stand the test of time as a mix CD that you can listen to for years to come, whilst Disc Two is basically a collection of ‘my classics’, either records I grew up with, ones that got me into house/techno, or I have discovered along the way and have become classics to me, even if I have only known them for a short while.”

It’s a tall order but one worth gorging on. In the meantime, chew over the track listing below while listening to Eats’ recently released 4×4 remix of Tiga’s “Bugatti.” Fries With That? is out January 26, 2015 on Hypercolour. Continue Reading

Big Shot Guest Mix: Semedo


When a single by a recently formed duo garners the attention of heavyweight jocks like Tony Humphries, Sinden and Justin Robertson well before its release, it’s safe to say that the artists in question are onto something. Such is the case for DJ pair Semedo, whose ’90s influenced deep house nugget “Love Illusion” for Body Work raised eyebrows well before its official release last month. With an upcoming EP on the way for Kerri Chandler’s MadTech (download their “After Midnight” here), it’s looking like 2013 will be a breakout year for the twosome. On their Big Shot Guest Mix, Semedo flaunt their love of all things deep by dropping smart tunes by Dusky, Milton Jackson and Jason Bye on their 12-track session. Download and enjoy.

Big Shot Guest Mix: Semedo by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud

Big Shot Guest Mix: Semedo

1. Semedo – “Love Illusion” (Body Work)
2. Grum – “Everytime” (Heartbeats)
3. Eden – “Friction” (New State)
4. Dusky – “Dummy” (Aus)
5. Semedo – “RK” (Unreleased)
6. Breach – “Jack” (Dirtybird)
7. Semedo – “After Midnight” (MadTech DL)
8. Medlar – “Knockard Pearl” (Detroit Swindle Remix) (Wolf)
9. Milton Jackson – “Ghosts In My Machine” (Freerange)
10. Semedo – “I’ll Be There” (Unreleased)
11. Jason Bye – “Charles The Bouncer” (Mr Nice Guy Records)
12. 3hrs – “DRM” (Black Butter)

Big Shot Guest Mix: Slow It Down

Despite living 400 miles apart Glasgow’s Slow It Down — Jamie Gardiner and Ralph Thomson — still manage to make beautiful music together. Sporting a funky sound drawing from disco, house and boogie, they keep under the 122 BPM speed limit and we’re all the better for it. On October 29 the duo will release their new Alright EP with Elijah Collins on Retrospective (listen to it at the bottom of this story), and to celebrate they’ve crafted an exceptional Big Shot Guest Mix.

“Our DJ sets and mixes are unashamedly party music and there’s nothing within reason we won’t drop if it’s the right vibes or we’ve had enough Red Stripe,” says Jamie Gardiner. “With this mix we wanted to showcase some of the tracks and artists we dig at the moment and big up some of SoundCloud’s unsung heroes, a place littered with dance floor gems if you’ve the time to search ’em out.”

Have a listen to their 12-track Big Shot Guest Mix featuring tracks from underground sensations Le Youth, Native Underground, MANIK and Ruben and Ra’s Underground Dub of “Alright.” Download and enjoy.


Big Shot Guest Mix: Slow It Down

1. Le Youth / “Cool”
2. Moon Boots feat. Violetness – “Running From”
3. Pink Stallone feat. Joey Washington / “Mine” (The Revenge dub)
4. Native Underground / “Close” (Alphabet City remix)
5. Lipelis / “I Need It” (Lovebirds mix)
6. Slow It Down and Elijah Collins / “Alright” (Ruben and Ra’s Underground Dub)
7. Bonar Bradberry / “Guess Who”
8. Ponty Mython / “It’s Not Right To Die Tonight” (Original Mix)
9. Joey Karmon / “Wowshit”
10. Markas / “Love” (Elijah Collins remix)
11. Bit Funk / “It Ain’t Easy”
12. MANIK / “Weekend Is 4 Lovers”

Big Shot Guest Mix: Invader!

We all savor mixes from our favorite DJs, but it’s always good to taste some new DJ blood. Meet Alejo Gonzales, the South Florida-based force behind Invader!, a project that serves up a melange of dubstep, electro house, drumstep and drum ‘n’ bass. In a rather short period of time Gonzales has issued tracks on Royal One Records and Heavy Artillery Recordings, and he’s also put the Invader! stamp on official remixes for bands like The Anix, Ketura and Aerodrone. Have a listen to his Big Shot Guest Mix featuring some of his own productions and tunes by South Central, Knife Party, Foreign Beggars and Camo & Krooked that clocks in an one hour (!) and tell us what you think. Download and enjoy.

Big Shot Guest Mix: Invader! by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud

Big Shot Guest Mix: Invader!

1. Midnight Conspiracy & Cenob1te / “The Eye” (Invader! Remix)
2. Invader! / “OMG” (Original Mix) (Royal One Records)
3. South Central / “Japan” (Original Mix)
4. Arent feat. Most Freedom / “Brave New World” (Farleon Remix) (Funkk Sound)
5. Borgore feat. Shay / “Flex” (Document One Remix Instrumental) (Buygore)
6. Invader! / “This Is Antidote” (Swedish House Mafia & Knife Party vs. SubVibe Mashup)
7. Invader! / “HAX” (Original Mix) (Royal One Records)
>> Skrillex / “Rock n’ Roll” (Original Mix) (Mau5trap)
8. South Central / “Soloud” (Invader! Edit)
9. Wuki & Invader! / “Wukinvader” (Original Mix)
>> Popeska / “Lololololol” (Original Mix)
10. Knife Party / “Tourniquet” (Original Mix) (Earstorm)
11. Invader! / “WTF” (Original Mix) (Royal One Records)
>> Nero / “Must Be the Feeling” (Original Mix) (MTA Records)
12. Nero / “Must Be the Feeling” (Kill The Noise Remix) (MTA Records)
13. Knife Party / “Centipede” (Original Mix) (Earstorm/Big Beat Records)
14. SKisM feat. Virus Syndicate / “Like This” (Original Mix) (Never Say Die)
15. xKore / “Hello” (Original Mix)
16. Fatso / “Far From Home” (Skullee Remix) (Funkk Sound)
17. Twitch / “Get Wild” (Original Mix)
18. Steve Aoki feat. Rivers Cuomo (Alvin Risk Remix) / “Earthquakey People” (Dim Mak)
19. Flux Pavillion / “Bass Cannon” (Zomboy Remix)
20. Joe Jonas / “Love Slayer” (Invader! Remix)
21. Knife Party / “Fire Hive” (Original Mix) (Earstorm)
22. Skeptiks / “Cobwebs” (Original Mix) (Never Say Die)
23. Invader! / “Innocent” (Original Mix)
24. Freek Squad / “Work It” (Invader! Remix)
25. Invader! / “Alive” (Original Mix)
26. Zomboy / “Cage the Rage” (Original Mix) (Never Say Die)
27. Foreign Beggars – Still Getting it feat. Skrillex (Original Mix) (Never Say Die)
28. Zomboy / “Game Time” (Original Mix) (Never Say Die)
29. xKore / “Even Horizon” (Original Mix)
30. Sub Focus feat. Kenzie May (xKore Remix) / “Falling Down” (OWSLA)
31. Tristam / “Shine(d)” (Original Mix)
32. Pendulum / “Salt In The Woods “(Original Mix) (WM UK)
33. Porter Robinson / “Spitfire” (Kill The Noise Remix) (OWSLA)
34. Skrillex / “San Diego” VIP (Original Mix)
>> Skrillex feat. Sirah (Original Mix) / “Kyoto” (OWSLA)
35. Camo & Krooked / “Dusk To Dawn” (Original Mix) (Hospital Records)
36. Loadstar / “Space Between” (Original Mix) (Ram Records)
37. Koan Sound / “Talk Box” (Kill The Noise Remix) (OWSLA)