Miami’s Remembrance Festival Raising Money for Cancer Research and Paying Tribute to Late Bingo Boys Member Paul Baümer


In December 2013 the dance music world sadly lost Bingo Players’ Paul Baümer to cancer. Three months later Baümer’s legacy is being remembered at Remembrance Festival taking place on March 27 at the Ice Palace in Miami, FL during Miami Music Week. The sold-out celebration features an array of big-name EDM DJs — Dada Life, Tommy Trash, Bassjackers, Carl Tricks, Henry Fong, Chuckie and many more — on the bill. To support the charity Baümer named before he passed, a portion of the proceeds from the event will be donated to KWF (Dutch Cancer Society) and the American Cancer Society.

Maarten Hoogstraten, the surviving member of Bingo Players who will also spin, said, “Remembrance is a way for the dance community to celebrate the life of my bandmate and best friend, as well as all those who have or are dealing with cancer. It’s obviously a special and important event for me and I am so touched by how much the dance community has shown their support over the past few months and by how much support this event has received.”

Toby Benson, organizer of the event, added, “Remembrance is, in its meaning, the action of remembering someone. To me, dance music has always symbolized a certain vitality, energy and celebration of life. To combine both the forward-looking celebration and the remembering of things past for a positive purpose makes it all the more powerful.”

Bingo Players’ label has hinted that a new track may be premiered at the event. Given the importance of Miami in the DJ world, you know that Baümer would’ve loved that.