Big Shot Guest Mix 311: From Karaoke to Stardom


The first Big Shot Guest Mix of 2016 arrives via Paris born Jeremy Herpe (a.k.a. From Karaoke to Stardom). At the end of December 2015 Herpe, a producer/sound designer who currently lives in Berlin, released his brilliant second full-length, Little Voodoo Dolls (Fenou), an album espousing his singular, ever-evolving take on tech-house.

Never one to be afraid of flipping the script, Herpe’s 15-track mix encompasses a moody, introspective range of sonic textures and styles, adroitly juxtaposing the disparate sounds of Jimi Hendrix ExperienceSage Francis, Roll the Dice, Sven Grünberg and Jerusalem in My Heart.

Bold, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable, we couldn’t think of a better mix to kick off 2016.

Big Shot Guest Mix 311: From Karaoke to Stardom by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud

Big Shot Guest Mix: From Karaoke to Stardom

  1. Jimi Hendrix Experience – “Moon, Turn The Tides… Gently Gently Away”
  2. Rrose – “Adrift”
  3. Sada feat. Sensational & Black Chameleon – “Every Corner”
  4. Roll the Dice – “Guadeloupe”
  5. Sage Francis – “Hopeless”
  6. Fadimoutou Wallet Inamoud – “Yalalela”
  7. Astrobotnia – “Lightworks”
  8. Herron – “Feet First”
  9. Benedikt Frey – “Can you Feel The Pain”
  10. Popol Vuh – “Aguirre I”
  11. Milyoo – “Face To Face”
  12. Marconi Union – “Ginza District”
  13. Sven Grünberg – “Valgusois”
  14. ADMX-71 – “MGM 41-85”
  15. Jerusalem in My Heart – “Yudaghdegh El-Ra3ey Walal-Ghanam”

Big Shot Guest Mix 310: DiscJoker


In 2015 we presented an amazing selection of Big Shot Guest Mixes. Don’t thank us — thank the DJs. From Sebastian Russell‘s deep, woozy leftfield session to Cevin Fisher’s heartfelt tribute to the Godfather of House Frankie Knuckles, each jock stepped up with a bespoke set that exceeded our expectations.

We close out 2015 in a big way with a brilliant tech-house mix from Italian DJ/producer DiscJoker (a.k.a. Giuliano P) featuring tracks by Patrik Carrera, Nadja Lind, Martin Eyerer and Moderat. With nearly two decades of experience spinning across Italy, he recently released the dark, haunting and trippy Mana/Mermaids EP on Rome-based Rek Records, brandishing fiery guitar, deep basslines and precocious percussion. As he weaves in and out of tracks you can hear DiscJoker’s passion for blending house and techno with the unexpected.

So go and crank this bad boy up. Happy holidaze!

Big Shot Guest Mix 310: Discjoker

  1. Patrik Carrera – “Polaroid” (Sleeparchive Remix)
  2. Georg Neufeld feat. Gertrud Polonyi – “Another Dimension”
  3. Joss – “Solely”
  4. Roland M. Dill – “The Messenger”
  5. PR3SNT & Orfeo – “Limitation”
  6. Nadja Lind & G-Ma – “Verboten”
  7. Martin Eyerer – “The Metro”
  8. DiscJoker – “Mana”
  9. Laiva – “T#16”
  10. Cybernova – “Play”
  11. Patrick Baer feat. Max Cavalerra – “Monsta”
  12. Sinisa Lukic – “Go To Metro”
  13. Nexus – “Night Sailing”
  14. Pepe Arcade – “NN”
  15. Sheldon – “Arcadia”
  16. Moderat – “Therapy”

Big Shot Guest Mix 309: Golden Eye


DJ/producer Golden Eye’s musical ethos is grounded in dub reggae. As evidenced on his Mutual Dub EP which we premiered last month, he examines his interest in hip-hop and electronic music through the lens of dub for a sound that knows no stylistic boundaries.

Golden Eye’s Big Shot Guest Mix 309 ably displays his eclectic signature. Featuring cuts by a wide range of beatmasters, including Om Unit, DJ Rashad and Machinedrum, he weaves together a flawless session fueled by dub-influenced bass music.

“Like my label, Foundation Channel, this mix explores the music that dub reggae fathered, always paying homage to the roots,” he says of the mix. “From footwork to hip-hop to dubstep to drum ‘n’ bass, electronic-based music keeps expanding on what the fathers originated in Jamaica.”

Big Shot Guest Mix 309: Golden Eye by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud

Big Shot Guest Mix 309: Golden Eye

Bussem Up – Phil Sparkz & Hesk
Spirit Work – Om Unit
The End – Drug Money & Kase Work
Carl Sagan The Man – Krampfhaft
Juke it Down – DJ Rashad
Hold me Close – DJ Manny
Down on my Luck – DJ Manny
Old Skkool – DJ Rashad
Stammer – M.O.D.
Back Seat Cool (Rusty Remix) – Machinedrum
Females – Manny, DJ Rashad, Spinn, Taso
Kick it Up – Mr. Carmack
Feeling U – DJ Rashad, Manny, Spinn, Taso
Throw Some More – DJ Manny
11th – Addison Groove & Sam Binga
Back Seat Freestyle (Instrumental) – Kendrick Lamar
Tun Up – Kenny Meez Remix – Cham Feat. O
Different Hoe – DJ Manny
Data Kiss – Com Truise
Drop Down (N3xu5 Remix) – Frequency

Big Shot Guest Mix 308: Daniel Steinberg


Over the trajectory of the past two decades Berlin DJ/producer Daniel Steinberg has continually brought a fresh twist to the dance floor. While he’s always been one to push the creative envelope, he never imagined that a drunken holiday mishap last Christmas — which resulted in a fractured right hand — would inform his just released album, Left-Handed. Working through physical discomfort with only one hand turned out to be an introspective studio experience, one that elevated his production style to a new plateau. We talked to Steinberg about how he made lemonade out of lemons, he also graced us with a smashing 17-track guest mix featuring a host of his latest and greatest and assorted jams.

Daniel Steinberg’s Left-Handed is out now on Arms & Legs.

Big Shot Guest Mix 308: Daniel Steinberg

  1. Rockers Hi-Fi – “7 Ways”
  2. Reconstructed Soul – “It’s Love” (Hernan’s Dub Revolution)
  3. Miguel Migs – “The Night” (Andy’s Love Bizarre Dub)
  4. Daniel Steinberg – “No One Can Change Me”
  5. white Label
  6. Minilouge – “Do Easy”
  7. Kristin Velvet – “Fan Post”
  8. Daniel Steinberg – “Corn Dog”
  9. Daniel Steinberg – “Flamingo”
  10. Heiko Laux – “Moved” (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)
  11. Lauhaus – “Downunder”
  12. Test pressing
  13. Dave Angel – “Timeless”
  14. Sir Drew – “Mates Rates” (Peace Division Remix)
  15. Daniel Steinberg – “I’ll Begin”
  16. Chicken Lips – “Eggi’s Pause Button” (Sieg über die Sonne Remix)
  17. Daniel Steinberg – “Neptune”

The story how injuring your hand informed a full-length album is an amazing one. It almost sounds like the plot of Stephen King novel (though nobody was holding you against your will as in Misery). How do you look back on the period in which you created the album? How has this time informed your post-album production work and musical outlook?
Daniel Steinberg: I look back on the time I created the album with a big smile; it was a really fun and interesting period. Injuring my hand was at first was annoying but forced me to really slow down and be patient with how I produce which subsequently changed the way I heard sounds. It was almost a Zen-like awakening. This learned patience and attention to detail I hope will stay with me.

Left-Handed is stylistically diverse but the sequencing works really well. Was it difficult to make all of the tracks flow together or did it evolve organically?
Thank you. That was my goal with this album: to make it stylistically diverse but still an enjoyable journey for the listener. I’m a DJ so it’s a fun challenge for me to make tracks from different genres flow together; I thought about the track order of the album for a long time.
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Big Shot Guest Mix 307: President Bongo


One of the founding members of GusGus, creative multi hyphenate Stephan Stephensen (a.k.a. President Bongo) played a major role in shaping the Icelandic music/art collective’s vision since its formation in 1995. Earlier this year he left his longtime project to pursue a solo career, releasing his ambitious full-length debut, Serengeti, in October.

Stephensen continues to burn the creative candle at both ends by DJing, performing live and recording. In between gigs he found time to helm the latest Big Shot Guest Mix featuring choice tunes by Róisín Murphy, Michael Mayer, Eagles & Butterflies and Tobias Freund.

“A DJ mix is always a pleasure to do. It combines the elements vital to the DJ; educating and pleasing,” says the Prez. “In this particular session I am also including personal favorites and tracks that have influenced my life in one way or another. ‘French Kiss,’ for example, is a track that was released when I was 18 and heard for the first time in a club in Paris where i ended up living for six years of my life. Wonderful times. I hope you enjoy the combination as much as I did when making it.”

President Bongo’s Serengeti is out now via AlbumLabel.

Big Shot Guest Mix 307: President Bongo by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud

Big Shot Guest Mix 307: President Bongo

  1. Sonic Deceptions – “Luger” (Unreleased) (Radio Bongo)
  2. Francis Bebey – “Akwaaba” (Original Music (2))
  3. Honesty 69 – “French Kiss” (Hot Version) (BCM)
  4. Arthur Russell – “All Boy All Girl” (Audika)
  5. Róisín Murphy – “Exploitation” (President Bongo Remix) (Radio Bongo)
  6. Michael Mayer – “Mantasy” (Jürgen Paape feat. Mounya Rezzoug Remix) (Kompakt)
  7. Eagles & Butterflies – “Welcome To The Jungle” (Get Physical)
  8. Tobias Freund – “Street Knowledge” (white label)
  9. White Label – “In The Water” (Original Mix) (white label)
  10. President Bongo – “Tramontana” (AlbumLabel)

Big Shot Guest Mix 306: Sebastian Russell


With a bevy of choice releases for labels including Telegraph, M_nus, MBF and Trapez to his credit, London mixmaster Sebastian Russell presented his full-length debut, Force, in September. Never one to be afraid to draw outside of electronic music’s circles, his roots in classical, jazz and rock inform the album’s genre-defying beats and techno grooves.

Russell brings his eclectic musical ethos to Big Shot Guest Mix 306. Clocking in at just under 48 minutes, he brilliantly weaves together woozy selections by Kelpe, Shigeto, Trentmøller and Seven Davis, Jr., articulately expressing his ever-evolving musical modus operandi.

“I like to melodically connect tracks to create a harmonious flow with soft and edgy tracks,” he says of his exclusive 13-track session. “You can expect some hip-hop, electronica, minimal and tech-house tunes. It’s all about feelings and emotions.”

Hit the play button below and enjoy.

Sebastian Russell’s Force is out now on Fenou/Mo’s Ferry.

Image by Josh Leon

Big Shot Guest Mix 306: Sebastian Russell by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud

Big Shot Guest Mix 306: Sebastian Russell

  1. Dwig – “Rauf Und Runder” (Luettje Luise)
  2. Nekochan, Rose Ryot – “Wait For Me” (Katermukke)
  3. Kelpe – “Answered” (Drut)
  4. Shigeto – “Tide Pools” (Ghostly International)
  5. AbJo – “Kalimba” (Heavenly Sweetness)
  6. Robinn – “Dialog” (Compost)
  7. Shigeto – “Ritual Howl” (Ghostly International)
  8. Trentemøller – “The Forest” (Out Of Orbit)
  9. Plaid – “Liverpool Street” (Warp)
  10. Lo Shea – “You’ll Know When” (SZE)
  11. Seven Davis Jr. – “Summers” (Apron)
  12. Sebastian Russell – “Absent Mindedness” (David Durango Remix) (Multi Vitamins)
  13. Dorian Concept – “Do, Undo, Redo” (Ninja Tune)