‘Evolution With Pete Tong’ Launches On 80 U.S. FM Stations


British radio DJ Pete Tong is determined to bring dance music to America’s radio airwaves. In March Tong partnered with Clear Channel’s Evolution 93.5 Miami to air his four-hour long daily show All Gone Pete Tong featuring Pete’s Essential New Tune of the Week, as well as the hottest tracks from the global Top 100 chart on Beatport. Now a one-hour show called Evolution, featuring interviews with major dance artists, will be heard on over 80 stations across the country.

Obligatory press release gush from Tong: “It’s been amazing to see how America has embraced Evolution on iHeart, and on FM in Miami and Boston. By partnering with Premiere to develop Evolution with Pete Tong, we will be giving more terrestrial stations a great entry point for broadcasting EDM content on-air, and a platform to break and showcase more Electronic Music across America.”