Andre Galluzzi September 2018 Chart

  1. André Galluzzi – Datura – ARAS10
  2. Various Artists – Don’t Forget to Go Home – RebLtd.019
  3. Robert Hood – Low life- M-Plant
  4. Basement Jaxx – Good Luck ft. Lisa Kekaula Butch RMX- Rekids
  5. Isolée – Yes Let – Cocoon Box R
  6. Patrick Pulsinger – Electronic Message- Blug007
  7. Tobias. – Tracks from Naif: Keep Me Insane – Curle Rec.
  8. Conforce – Terra Modies EP – Delsin
  9. Eduardo De La Calle – The Everlasting Amrit – Sevenvillamusic
  10. Cesare vs. Disorder – Two Hundred and Twenty Eight Thousand Clouds – BLK music 000

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Laurence Pike On His Unique Brand of Improvised Solo Techno-Spiritual Jazz Odysseys for Drums and Sampler


Earlier this year drummer Laurence Pike (PVT, D.D Dumbo, Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders and Szun Waves) released his first solo record, Distant Early Warning, which has been widely acclaimed by music critics, including a four-star review in The Guardian. When Hugh Bohane spoke with Laurence about the new release, he described his record as “a unique brand of improvised solo techno-spiritual jazz odysseys for drums and sampler.” Upon listening to the album he was indeed accurate in his cosmic description. Here is how their Skype interview went.

Congrats on the new solo release, Distant Early Warning. Can you tell us a bit about what the writing process was like making this record?

Laurence Pike: Thanks. It felt like the desire to do something much more personal and expressive in nature had been building for a while. I didn’t want to force it, so thought I’d wait until the right window appeared, and I felt ready mentally. 
I’d been messing around with these loose thematic ideas which essentially are built around the concrete sounds I’ve created and amassed on my sampler, and was then applying them in performances as a launch pad, using the acoustic drums to improvise around the electronics in different ways as I triggered them live, framing them and gluing them together. I felt like a process that had endless potential, and still does.

I enjoy the ritual and discipline of creating the work. It’s so amorphous in nature — it really relies on me examining the different possibilities of reinterpreting the same grouping of pieces of a puzzle, and feeling confident in my ability to perform in a free and expressive way, to create something in the moment; a combination of decisions that could never be arrived at if I were to approach it from an electronic production perspective for example. In the end I realized I had kind of been putting off making a solo album for a long time because I was too conscious of production decisions, or the time being right, or having control over the process, etc. Once I acknowledged that the music was inherently performance based, and that the very human aspect of it is what makes it interesting, I booked the studio and made it in a single day. The music was already there, I just had to take it to the dance. Continue Reading

Ercos Blanka September 2018 Chart

Ercos Blanka

  1. Doyeq – Another day (Manjumasi)
  2. Tom Flynn – Anna (Planet E)
  3. Volen Sentir – Na dvore dozhd’ (Shanti Radio)
  4. Fluxion – Origin (Echocord)
  5. Hraach – Burned the strings (Animé Music)
  6. Makr – 7 Bells (Eyedyllic Music)
  7. Piek, Jim Hast – That’s me (Pablo Bolivar Club Version) (Sincopat)
  8. YokoO, Retza – Equuleus (All Day I Dream)
  9. Pablo Bolivar – A Miracle (Seven Villas)
  10. Cobblestone Jazz – Northen Lights (Itiswhatitis Recordings)

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Habischman 5 Tracks of the Moment


Since presenting his now-classic Nubreed 09 double-disc two years ago on the revived Global Underground, Iranian-born house/techno producer Iman Habibi (a.k.a. Habischman) has been on a creative winning streak.

This summer has been extremely active for Habibi. Among his many feats he contributed “Skyward” to Elrow Vol. 3 on Cr2 Records and delivered a trio of bang-on remixes for Djuma Soundsystem & Out of Sorts (“Cicadian Lore”), Wally Lopez (“Sneakerhead”) and Chris Cue (“Rotation”).

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With plenty more irons in the fire, we checked in with Habibi to see which songs are currently rocking his world. Continue Reading