Review: Layton Giordani feat. Danny Tenaglia – Live Again

Layton Giordani feat Danny Tenaglia Live Again Drumcode

3.5 Stars

Rising Big Apple DJ/producer Layton Giordani continues to grow his international reputation. Notoriety came relatively soon after he presented “Careless Suggestions” on Phobiq Records in 2014. Since then he’s released ripping tech-house tracks on Intec and debuted earlier this year on Drumcode by way of the seismic bomb known as “Where It Begins.”

Giordani, who cut his teeth working the decks at Manhattan Meatpacking Mecca Cielo and shuttered spots like Pacha and Sullivan Room (RIP), couldn’t possibly return to Drumcode in a bigger way than with NYC hard n’ soul legend Danny Tenaglia at his side on “Live Inside.” A major influence on Giordani’s sound, the track is quintessential Tenaglia at the core — deep, dark and deliciously dirty — with Giordani’s trademark groove anchoring the production.

The EP is rounded out by two worthy cuts: Firstly, there’s “Take It Back” is a dramatic rollercoaster ride of banging beats, ethereal female vocal snippets and undulating bass. Secondly, “Secrets of Vibration” is a cracking percussive track. Its only flaw is the inclusion of a clichéd self-help vocal sample. (Producers, I’m calling for a moratorium on this type of dance floor chum — who’s with me?)

What’s next for Layton Giordani? Place your bets on world domination.

Sam Skilz October 2017 Chart

Sam Skilz

  1. Sam Skilz feat. Grace Ashaye – Stay Together (Original) – GaGa Records
  2. Kleen Kutz, Sneak-A-Peek, Jamie Lewis – I Know (Feel It) – Purple Music
  3. XOA – Diaspora (Laolu Remix) – Soundway Records
  4. Those Guys – I Walk Alone (Robosonic Remix) – Big Love
  5. Dennis Quin – So Intense (Original Mix) – Snatch! Records
  6. Carl Cox – I Want You Forever (Josh Butler Remix) – CR2
  7. Filta Freqz – Master Blaster (Original) – Seventy Four
  8. Paolo Paleologo, Giulia Ines – Gonna Make It (Original Mix) – D-Vine Sounds
  9. PAWSA – Party (Extended Mix) – PAWZ
  10. Illyus & Barrientos – Dumb (Original Mix) – Club Sweat

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List of DJs Donating Money to Las Vegas Victims

Diplo performing at XS Wynn Hotel Las Vegas

I lost interest in Diplo when he embarked on a musical shift to EDM and started doing stupid shit like standing on DJ tables during his sets (see photo above). While I won’t digress and give my opinion on the former and the latter, the man born Thomas Wesley Pentz deserves a pat on the back for announcing on Twitter on Saturday that he’s donating $100,000 to a GoFundMe launched by Clark County Commission Chair Steve Sisolak and County Sheriff Joe Lombardo to help victims of the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting in Las Vegas.

Earlier in the week EDM act The Chainsmokers confirmed they donated $10,000 to the GoFundMe.

“My deepest sympathies are with the victims of this horrific tragedy and their families,” Diplo wrote in a statement. “It’s my hope that these events will start a long awaited and honest conversation about the importance of gun control in America. Las Vegas is my home, and it’s devestating to see this happen in such a vibrant city with an amazing community of people I consider my family.”

In addition to donating $100,000, Diplo, a resident at Wynn Las Vegas’s XS Nightclub, challenged other DJs and hotel owners to follow his lead. His message was heard loud and clear.

Kaskade promptly replied, “Count me in @diplo #VegasStrong.”

Dutch DJ Tiësto, who also has a Las Vegas residency, doubled down: “As a Las Vegas lover I do what Vegas lovers do! I double down! So I will donate 200k.”

So far over $10 million has been raised. You can contribute to the fund here.

October 11 update: Hakkasan Group has announced a Benefit Concert to take place on Tuesday, Nov. 7 at OMNIA Nightclub inside Caesars Palace. In response to the recent tragedy, the Las Vegas-based company will look to bring the industry together to raise funds for families and victims affected by this devastating event. With tickets starting at $30 and VIP tables available for purchase, all proceeds will be donated to the Las Vegas Victims Fund via the Direct Impact Fund, a 501(c)(3) which will take no fees or operating costs for their help in distributing relief to the victims.

Image by Danny Mahoney

Sébastien Léger 5 Tracks of the Moment

Sébastien Léger

With two decades of producing and DJing under his belt, house music stalwart and modular master Sébastien Léger continues his unwavering dedication to bringing innovative ideas the genre and dance floor.

Case in point is his recently released Model D EP on Marc Romboy’s revered Systematic label, a title we suspect is an homage to the iconic Minimoog Model D.

Related: Sébastien Léger Takes a Victory Lap

The three-track effort finds Léger presenting a cinematic soundscape of suspenseful synth-driven shenanigans, ranging in Sébastien Léger to straight-up floor fillers.

Constantly curating upfront tracks, we checked in with Léger and asked him to share his five new tracks of the moment. Continue Reading

Read a Lost 1995 Interview with Techno Icon Joey Beltram


I remember the time I stumbled upon a lone, dog-eared copy of Generator, an indie UK magazine, in the magazine section at Tower Records on 4th and Lafayette Street. I thumbed through it and enjoyed the mix of artist interviews and reviews. I was writing for music and culture magazines here in the U.S. and had been profiling local DJs and producers who were underground celebs at home and superstars abroad. Seeing an opportunity, I typed up an intro letter, stuffed my published clips into an envelope and mailed a fat package to Generator‘s office in London. Not too long later I received a call from the magazine’s editor, David Fowler. We instantly hit it off, and I started contributing to the magazine.

I recently unearthed my Generator interview with New York City techno stalwart Joey Beltram, who got a shout-out on Daft Punk’s “Teachers” off 1997’s Homework. It’s a cover story where he shares his background, early success producing genre-defining tracks “Energy Flash” and “Mentasm,” and why he slowed down the pace of his career in order to get his creative bearings. The issue dropped in tandem with the release of his third album, 1995’s Places (Tresor/Logic). All these years later any of the cuts could do damage on a dance floor.

The sleepy bedroom community of Orange County, NY, is a little over an hour by car from Manhattan’s perennial state of mania. Graced with quiet, tree-lined streets and sprawling, well-manicured estates, this is the suburban oasis which Joey Beltram moved to six months ago, desperately seeking a much-needed break from life in the urban jungle.

A far cry from his previous, cramped apartment on Metropolitan Avenue in Queens (which overlooked a cemetery), he now lives in a roomy, split-level home, complete with all the trappings you’d expect—except the white picket fence, of course. Aside from choosing Orange County for its bucolic charm, Beltram had a definitive reason for making the move: he wanted to get his life together, take his production career to the next level, and use the new surrounding s as an inspiration for his music.

On most nights when he’s not DJing, Beltram is usually sequestered in On One, his well-equipped home studio, where he’ll tweak loops, beats, and samples into the small hours of the morning. Amongst the well-appointed gadgetry and heavyweight synth technology, Beltram is ready to talk about Places, his eagerly-awaited new album on Tresor. It’s already well after midnight — the time of the day when Beltram prefers working — and although the sun went down hours ago, the air outside is filled with the sound of chirping crickets. The night is thick and unbearably humid. Inside, one light illuminates the suite, casting cross-legged to Beltram in an almost angelic light. Continue Reading

Bryan Chapman October 2017 Chart


  1. Bryan Chapman – “Laghava” (Monotony)
  2. Varg – “Weekend in Captivity” (Northern Electronics)
  3. Von Grall – “The Slope” (Midgar Records)
  4. Luigi Tozzi & BLNDR – “Dusk” (Hypnus Records)
  5. DJ Richard – “Zero” (Dial)
  6. Polar Inertia – “Inland Return” (Atmophile Electronics)
  7. Bryan Chapman – “Perpetual Purification” (Monotony)
  8. Aiken – “Somatic” (Non Series)
  9. Rhyw – “Aversion To Memory” (Avian)
  10. Bryan Chapman – “Seppuku” (Monotony)

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