Steve Mulder July 2018 Chart

Steve Mulder

  1. Christopher Coe – Let It Go (Steve Mulder Remix) (Awesome Soundwave)
  2. SAMA – The Beholder (Original Mix) (Kraftek)
  3. D.Mongelos – Gravity (Original Mix) (Orange Recordings)
  4. Torsten Kanzler – Iron (Steve Mulder Remix) (TKR)
  5. Balthazar & Jackrock – Physical Addiction (Original Mix) (Suara)
  6. Ramon Tapia – Club Pirate (Vinicius Honorio Rework) (Underground Audio)
  7. Wehbba – Catarse (Original Mix) (Drumcode)
  8. Danny Fontana, Lazar (IT) – Eclipse (Mars Bill Remix) (Orange Recordings)
  9. JSPR – Build Your Walls Around Me (Second State)
  10. UMEK – Amnesiac (Original Mix) (Filth On Acid)

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Punu July 2018 Chart


  1. Punu – Leviathan (Asymmetric Dip)
  2. Sam Shure – Theben (Stil Vor Talent)
  3. Punu – Scanners (Sintope Digital)
  4. Luis Junior – This is Now (Monaberry)
  5. Konstantin Sibold – Cyclone (Afterlife)
  6. Gui Boratto feat. BT – Hallucination (Kompakt)
  7. Myazisto – Emotional Blackmail (Stay True Sounds)
  8. Shimza – All Alone feat Argento Dust (MITH)
  9. Afriqua – Melamed (R&S Records)
  10. Darlyn Vlys – Faux Semblants (Upon You)

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5 Best Record Stores in Hong Kong, Singapore & Bangkok You Must Shop At, According to Blood Wine or Honey

White Noise Records Kowloon

Hong Kong-based electronic outfit Blood Wine or Honey — multi-instrumentalist/vocalist James Banbury (synths, bass, cello), Shane Aspegren (drums, synths, electronics), and Joseph von Hess (saxophone, wind instruments, percussion, etc) — champion a gloriously eclectic musical ethos.

After dropping their 2017 jam “Anxious Party People” (Plastic Pagan), they caused a stir on global dance floors. The trio channeled their anything-goes creativity into their recently released debut album, Fear & Celebration (Do Right Music), which incorporates styles including Afrobeat, soul and electro.

With so many genres of music influencing their percussion-driven sound, we asked the HK-based threesome to share some of their favorite spots to buy music. Continue Reading

‘Goodfellas’ Star Ray Liotta Says He Got Revenge on Studio 54 Doorman Who Wouldn’t Let Him Into the ’80s NYC Club

studio 54

Actor Ray Liotta appeared last week on WTF with Marc Maron, where he spoke candidly about  a range of topics, including finding his birth mother, becoming a father at 44, and his persistence to make acting a career in the ’80s.

Prior to landing his pivotal role as Henry Hill in Martin Scorcese’s seminal 1990 film Goodfellas, where Liotta played Henry Hill, a drug-addicted New York mob associate, Liotta spoke of earlier roles, including a lucrative stint playing Joey Perrini on the NBC soap opera Another World from 1978 to 1981.

During the conversation Liotta mentioned going out to Studio 54, which caught Maron’s interest. The Manhattan disco owned by Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager was notorious for having a highly selective door policy. When asked what life was like in NYC in the ’80s, Liotta relayed a hilarious story about encountering one of the famed club’s doormen years later in Los Angeles years after the club had closed.

“There was a guy, the doorman, and he would never ever let me in. But if Steve Rubell, one of the owners, saw me he would always let me in,” said Liotta.

“Cut to maybe 10 or 15 years later and I see the doorman in Century City. He comes up to me and says [he] wants to ask questions about being an actor and everything, you know. And I remembered him as a doorman [who] never let me in, and I went fuckin’ nuts on him. I went nuts, because it was so humiliating to be in line, waiting to get into Studio 54 on a Monday or a Tuesday night, never mind a weekend, and just him poo-pooing me that I never forgot it.”

Liotta continued: “And I said, ‘You never let me in. [He said] I was just doing my job. I said, ‘Nah!’ I keep going and going at him. I just held onto it for a long time.” [Laughs]

Maron asked if he eventually offered the club’s ex-doorman career advice after he vented.

Liotta laughed. “No! Done. Over. Next.”

If Henry Hill were alive he’d definitely agree that was a gangster move.

Listen to the full episode of the podcast here.