Depeche Mode Just Can’t Get Enough

depechemode_Anton Corbijn

For issue 27 of our print edition published in the spring of 2009, I met up with Depeche Mode in NYC. The trio was assembled to promote their latest album, Sounds of the Universe. The full-length featured a slew of singles including “Wrong,” “Peace” and “Perfect” and received a positive reception from critics. Here’s my conversation with Andrew Fletcher and Martin Gore about producing their twelfth album, sobriety, choosing a set list and the unexpected benefits of Dave Gahan’s solo career.

If you think that veteran electronic act Depeche Mode are a bunch of Debbie Downers, think again. Sitting in a swank New York hotel room with Andrew Fletcher and Martin Gore (singer Dave Gahan is on his mobile taking care of some business in the lobby) a few weeks before the release of Sounds of the Universe, the Mode say the public perception about them is sometimes a bit off.

“In our own country, England, we’ve always been known as sort of gloomy and doomy,” says Andrew Fletcher. “A lot of DJs used to play up on that especially on our single ‘Enjoy the Silence.’ [Sings a scary melody] WOOOO-HHH-HAAAAA.” Continue Reading

Secret Cinema November 2018 Chart

Secret Cinema

  1. Alex Stein – Zeit
  2. A.Morgan – New Dimensions
  3. Ben Shock – Ravas
  4. Secret Cinema and Reinier Zonneveld – Pain Thing
  5. Ferdinand Dreyssig – Shades of Prey
  6. Pleasurekraft – G.O.D. Gospel of Doubt part 2
  7. Flug – Rave (Coyu Raw Mix)
  8. Egbert – Straktrekken (10 years live version)
  9. SUDO – Seventh
  10. Oliver Lieb – Radio Bubbles

DJs, submit your top 10 chart along with a photo and we’ll publish.

Big Shot Guest Mix 343: Audioglider


For the latest Big Shot Guest Mix we tapped London-based Roberto Sodano (a.k.a. Audioglider) to sculpt a spectacular session brimming with lush, warm electronica and progressive house. The glistening, atmospheric 10-track session, which features a pair of his own gorgeous cuts as well as tracks and mixes by Drew Miller, RafaEL and Francesco Pico, arrives after the release of James Zabiela‘s remix of his “Chemtrails” single on Pangea.

Sodano had this to say about the stunning mix:

“I’ve put this mix together to reflect the sounds that are really doing it for me at the moment as well as sneaking in some of my own tracks and remixes I’ve done recently. I love big melodies that seep into your brain without the cheese. And a syncopated drum and bass combo. It’s gotta have some swing and swagger. I’m also a big fan of Scandinavian pop artist Sigrid and included a cheeky unofficial remix I did at the start. Off to see her tonite at the Brixton Academy so see ya later.”

Hit the play button below and ease into a rapturous aural experience.

Big Shot Guest Mix 343: Audioglider

  1. Oneplus & Unrazze – Aris (Instrumental Mix) (Bullfinch)
  2. Sigrid – Strangers (Audioglider Unofficial Remix)
  3. Drew Miller – Lorimer Burst (Pro B Tech)
  4. Rafa’EL – I Will Not Forget You (Original Mix) (ICONYC)
  5. Audioglider – Murmuration (Tripswitch Remix) (Transpecta)
  6. Audioglider – Pulchritudinous (Transpecta)
  7. Antrim – Floating Point (Analog Jungs Remix) (Or Two Strangers)
  8. Daniel Glover – Lostalgia (Tech D Remix) (Stellar Fountain)
  9. Francesco Pico – Smoothie (Nicholas Van Orton Remix) (Balkan Connection)
  10. Joey Fehrenbach & Xspance – Frequency (Audioglider Remix) (Emotional Content)