John Digweed Stalker Pleads Guilty

john digweed

A woman in England has pleaded guilty to stalking Bedrock Records boss John Digweed.

According to Kent Online, Sharon Rennie, 49, sent Digweed a large number of emails between June and October, none of which were replied to. The emails expressed admiration, love and were sometimes sexually explicit. In addition to attempting to get the DJ’s phone number from his agent, Rennie approached Digweed while performing at The Social Festival in Kent, England, in September. She reportedly ran up to him and kissed him, saying, “It’s great to see you. Are you coming home with me?” Digweed had her ejected by security.

Three days later Rennie turned up at his home, attempting to confirm his address with a neighbor.

Rennie apologized in court and promised to never contact him again. She was sentenced to 120 days in prison, suspended for two years, and ordered to pay Digweed £100 in compensation.

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