Downtempo Gods Tosca Ready ‘Boom Boom Boom’ Remix LP

Tosca BOOM BOOM BOOM remixes

Tosca — the long-running collaboration between Vienna-based Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber — will release Boom Boom Boom, a remix album of songs from the duo’s eight album,  Going Going Going, on February 9, 2018.

Boom Boom Boom features dance floor interpretations by Brendon Moeller, Shanti Roots & Scheibosan, Pacifica (whose re-rub can be streamed below), Steve Cobby, Stefan Obermaier, Megablast, Second Sky & Thomas Blondet and Stereotyp.

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Says Richard of the remix record, “Going Going Going was very much a winter album, and winter in Vienna to be precise. Already a quiet city, at this time of year the grey skies and misty days can wrap themselves around the city, whilst snow blankets the city in silence.”

“It was a very introspective Tosca Album, a reflection of that covered, silent time, just Richard and myself working alone in the studio,” adds Rupert. “But just as February can be a dark time, it’s also marks that point when the season begins to turn and it heralds the return of the warmer, lighter days to come. So Boom Boom Boom is like the coming of spring, where we have opened up the studio again and invited our musical friends in to play.”

Boom Boom Boom Tracklist

  1. Amber November (Brendon Moeller Rub)
  2. Love Boat (Shanti Roots & Scheibosan Distraction Version Feat. Jesskitty)
  3. Export Import (Pacifica Remix)
  4. Tommy (Steven Cobby Remix)
  5. Friday (Stefan Obermaier Remix)
  6. Supersunday (Megablast Remix)
  7. Wotan (Second Sky & Thomas Blondet Remix)
  8. Amber November (Brendon Moeller Dub)
  9. Chinabar (Stereotyp Remix)
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