Tosca Go Back to Their Roots on ‘Going Going Going’

tosca dorfmeister huber

Austrian downtempo duo Tosca, a longstanding musical partnership between childhood friends Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber which took off once they released “Chocolate Elvis” on G-Stone Recordings in 1994, will release their eighth full-length album in February 2017. Going Going Going (!K7 Records) finds the pair digging deeper into their dub-downtempo roots and forgoing the song-oriented direction and vocal collaborations heard on 2014’s Outta Here.

Speaking to Big Shot after the release of 2013’s Odeon, Dorfmeister explained, “Tosca albums are always like a collection of snapshots, or like a diary … let the music that we are about to create guide us … so it is actually non-intentional, and there is a moment when it is clear: this is it, the album is ready.”

Ahead of the album’s release, the duo have unveiled the album cut “Export Import” which you can stream below.

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