Inside Zedd’s $3.9 Million Mansion in the Hollywood Hills


While CNN reported this week that the EDM industry is worth over $6 billion as CNN, it’s no secret that some involved in producing and marketing the music are getting seriously rich. What do people do when they accumulate mass sums of money? They spend it on extravagant homes, of course!

Enter DJ/producer Zedd (a.k.a. Anton Zaslavski) to the equation. Known for his ubiquitous Grammy-winning track “Clarity,” last month the 25-year-old plunked down a reported $3.9 million for a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. His new home includes a priceless view and neighbors including fellow EDM stalwarts Avicii and Calvin Harris.

The 3,443 square foot abode has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, full security system and heated salt water pool.

According to TMZ, Zedd negotiated about $500,000 off the asking price.

If Zedd put down $2 million at an interest rate of 5% over 30 years, we calculate his monthly mortgage at $14,798.93, which probably equals a few minutes behind the decks at a club gig in Las Vegas.

zedd-hollywood hills mansion bathroom

zedd-hollywood hills mansion bedroom

Though the purchase might seem outlandish to many, keep in mind that Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson just outbid Jay Z and Beyoncé on a Beverly Hills crib, paying a whopping $70 million for the mega mansion.

zedd-hollywood hills mansion dining room

zedd-hollywood hills mansion kitchen view

zedd-hollywood hills mansion kitchen

zedd-hollywood hills mansion living room

zedd-hollywood hills mansion outside

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