Premiere: Cool Tiger – Ocre Vision

Cool Tiger October 2017 Chart

French DJ/producer Mathieu Carsique (a.k.a Cool Tiger) hit the ground running a year ago when he launched Junction Records, a label dedicated to releasing driving underground techno.

After a issuing a handful of releases, the label is primed to enter 2018 in a big way with Carsique’s vinyl-only JCW001 EP.

Ahead of its release on January 15, 2018, we’re thrilled to world premiere “Ocre Vision” from the four-tracker.

Clocking in at an unhurried 8:55, the track opens with a pulsating groove that unfurls into the controlled chaos of clanging beats, a driving groove and a bass thud that’ll loosen the paint most any club’s ceiling.

Hit the play button below and turn it up.

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Darren Ressler

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