Premiere: Noer the Boy – The Birds (Rebirth) (Woolymammoth & Tsuruda Remix)


Noer the Boy is a Portland bass explorer bringing fresh ideas to the game. His list of credits include releasing tracks on Division Records, Saturate Records, STYLSS, and Daruma.

In August he attained a career milestone by releasing his full-length debut, Mechanism, an apocalyptic full-length of grinding post-dubstep bass and serrated beats, on DJ Shadow’s Liquid Amber imprint.

Currently on tour with Shadow, NTB is getting ready to release remixes from Mechanism. We’re extremely pleased to world premiere the Woolymammoth & Tsuruda Remix of “The Birds (Rebirth),” a sprawling bass workout peppered with glitchy beats and wonky bass.

Noer the Boy told us the following about the remix: “Woolymamoth, Tsuruda, and myself are all members of Courteous Family, a Los Angeles-based music crew that’s pumping out some of the freshest sounds. I couldn’t be more excited to have them remix one of my songs from Mechanism. They took it and created a totally new adventure showcasing their unique low-end styles. I hope you enjoy!”

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