Premiere: I Speak Machine – Shame


I Speak Machine is the musical union of vocalist/synth aficionado Tara Busch and filmmaker Maf Lewis. Their modus operandi mirrors the way Spaghetti Western cinema duo Ennio Morricone and Sergio Leone used to play with score ideas for scenes while scripts were being written.

Bush and Lewis have teamed up Benge from Wrangler/John Foxx & The Maths to work on their latest short film and album, Zombies 1985, starring Gary Numan’s three daughters as zombies and was screened with the live score performed by Tara Busch in the States and UK on a 21-date tour with Numan.

Ahead of the album’s release on September 8 we’re thrilled to world premiere the brooding synthtastic cut “Shame,” which was recorded strictly using ’80s gear.

“We only used 1985 period equipment,” says Benge. “And everything was mixed at my Memetune studios using only vintage mixers and effects units that would have been used in that time.”

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Darren Ressler

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