Premiere: John Haden – Different World (DJ Emerson Remix)


When Zurich-based duo ME & her popped onto our radar two years ago, we were immediately impressed with their moxie on the decks and in the studio. Since then Swiss misses Phuong and Jen have worked hard to become an internally known act, producing tracks for a variety of top labels and DJing all over the world. Fortunately for us they documented their first tour of India for us where they got to play series of whirlwind gigs.

Always ones to embrace new creative challenges, Jen has launched her own label, Cyborgs in Love. It’s a platform for both her solo experimental techno project YENI and new talent.

Having already signed up releases by DJ Emerson, Rob Hes, Roland M. Dill, Wigbert, and Andres Campo, CIL’s first release by emerging Swiss DJ/producer John Haden arrives on July 17.

We’re thrilled to world premiere the might DJ Emerson’s apocalyptic remix of Haden’s brilliant “Different World.” The micro.fon and kiddaz founder lays down a caustic, razor-sharp soundscape fueled by a kick drum from hell.

Listen below and join us in wishing Jen (whose remix also appears on the EP) lots of luck in her new label venture!

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Darren Ressler

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