2017 Rewind: Baran Ertem

Baran Ertem

How was 2017 for you?
Baran Ertem: To be honest, 2017 didn’t start interesting for me, but the second half was musically rather interesting and satisfying. I had good gigs which I have enjoyed a lot. I could play the genres I prefer, which is not always the case here in Paris.

Winning a DJ contest organized by PWFM and Rinse FM France to play at the Open Minded Festival, and to have started my personal projects and remixes.

Lowlights are always the same I believe: to have dealt with people from the industry who try to make your life harder as a musician.

Song of the year?
Difficult question, because there are plenty, but I think it’s Ten Ven’s “Turn It Up.”

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
To focus on my music more than before. Lately I’ve had my most productive period, and I want to chase this trend. I believe 2018 is pretty promising!

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