Big Shot Guest Mix: Elias Tzikas

Elias Tzikas

Greek house troubadour Elias Tzikas has remained unwaveringly steadfast to his sound over the years and continues to focus all of his creative energy into perfecting it. “I don’t care what the hype is, I don’t care if the track is old or unreleased,” he passionately tells us. “If it has the groove, I just drop it because I want to make people dance and have a great time at the club.”

To celebrate the release of his Hunt Hurt Hearts EP on Retrospective — his first effort for the label — the now London-based Tzikas has crafted a deep, wondrous and highly funky Big Shot Guest Mix featuring “Still Around” from his new EP as well gems from Casio Social Club, Soho 808 and Rotary Disco 76.

“With this mix I showcased some tracks that I really love at the time and of course some tracks of my new Hunt Hurt Hearts EP on Retrospective Records,” Tzikas shares. “I really love playing music, this is what I love most in my life.”

Download and enjoy.

Big Shot Guest Mix: Elias Tzikas

1. Casio Social Club / “Little French Girl” (Mullet Records)
2. Soho 808 / “Trouble & Strife” (Mystery Meat)
3. Elias Tzikas / “Dreamer” (Retrospective Records)
4. F3 / “What You Need” (Electronique Digital)
5. Elias Tzikas / “Still Around” (Retrospective Records)
6. Rotary Disco 76 / “Moonbus” (Nicholas remix) (Back And Forth)
7. Maxxi Soundsystem & Thomas Gadney / “Shake Your Head” (Moda Black)
8. Only Children / “Whatever Makes U” (Razor-N-Tape)
9. Mr. Ado / “Step Into” (Unreleased)

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