DJ Chart: Nathan Barato Gives Us Ten

Nathan Barato’s Top 10 for December 2012

1. Nathan Barato / “Can You Hear Me” (Blackflag Recordings)
2. Studio 45 / “Freak It” (John Ciafone Full Swing Remix) (Nervous)
3. Nikola Gala / “Inner Sector” (Claap)
4. Nathan Barato / “The Mitchell Rhythm” (Blackflag Recordings)
5. Medeew, Chicks Luv Us / “Akimba” (Leon Remix) (Kiara Records)
6. Alvaro Gonzalez / “If You Want Me” (Roots And Wings Music)
7. Marc Antona / “That’s The Way To Do” (Dissonant)
8. Adam Marshall / “Bass Tracking” (Different)
9. Aldo Cadiz, Ricky Erre Love / “Press For Two” (Desolat)
10. Kevin Griffiths / “Acid Splash” (Leon Vynehall Translation) (Tsuba)

Yehouda Silverman

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