Beartrax November 2020 Chart


1. Luca dell’Orso – Italian Shower (Bordello A Parigi)
2. Rothschild – Decisions (Bass Agenda Recordings)
3. Undo- Sixty Days (Fort Romeau Remix) (Melodize)
4. Blueprint – Shy Kids Get No Sweets (Stress Records)
5. Beartrax – Dream Riff (Carl Finlow Remix) (Melodize)
6. Hammer- Parabola (Feel My Bicep)
7. Am$trad Billionaire – Outer Limits II (Darkroom Dubs)
8. Llewellyn – True Stories (Live at Robert Johnson)
9. Beartrax – Dream Riff (Melodize)
10. Hammer – Parabola (Feel My Bicep)

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Yehouda Silverman

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