Tommy Heron August 2020 Chart

Tommy Heron DJ chart

1. Tommy Heron – Because of You (Tom Chubb Remix) – Huge Music
2. Scott Diaz – Let’s Werk – Summer–ized Sessions
3. Kenny Summit/Di Meo Bros – Better Times (Di Meo Bros Remix) Good For You Records
4. Bonetti – Ipanema – Groovy Riddim
5. Lawrence Friend – Mondego Me EP – Traded Music
6. Havoc & Lawn – Love Drug – Motive Records
7. Husky/Ido- Go Don’t Stop – Bobbin Head Music
8. Audio Jacker – You Say (Nu Disco Mix) – Tasty Recordings Digital
9. DJ Mes – Players Choice – Guesthouse
10. Rick Marshall – Found – Turtle Wax Recordings

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