Thommy Davis August 2020 Chart

Thommy Davis DJ chart

1. Thommy Davis, Sheila Ford, Tasha LaRae – Hot Shot – Quantize Recordings
2. Room 806, Holiday – Darkness (Sipho Ngubane Remix) – Soulful Sentiments Records
3. Ron Carroll – Spirit Of House (Maurice Joshua Remix) – Electric Disco Records
4. Thommy Davis, Tasha LaRae, Aaron K. Gray – For Every Mountain – Quantize Recordings
5. Charles Moui – I Can Feel It – Fatal Music
6. Blackknight, SuSu Bobien – Truly Amazing (Mark Francis 201 Mix) – Quantize Recordings
7. Lenny Fontana, Nemah – Stand Up and Believe – Karmic Power Records
8. Thommy Davis, Brutha Basil, Tasha LaRae – Do It Properly (Reelsoul Remix) – Quantize Recordings
9. Tasha LaRae, Yook – Keep It Simple – Newtown Records
10. Colour Castle – Joy – Hot Sunday Records

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