Santi & Tuğçe March 2020 Chart


  1. Santi – Mercurio (Amselcom)
  2. Redrago – Il Veliero (Life and Death)
  3. Curses – Fire in the Smoke of A Changing Life (Höga Nord Rekords)
  4. Jonnie King feat. ITAI & Doc Fisher – Get Up (MoM Remix) (Tierra Sounds)
  5. Rave Yards – Fire Tells You (NEIN Records)
  6. Santi – Neptunio (Geplantes Nichtstun Remix) (Amselcom)
  7. Hajna – Naacals (Cosmovision Records)
  8. Kleintierschaukel – Sunsulisa feat. Innsaeidans (Laut & Luise)
  9. Moon’s Voyager – Memories From the Future (Down.)
  10. Derrok & Biomigrant – Sueño Profundo (Just Emma Remix) (Underyourskin Records)

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Yehouda Silverman

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