Bryan Chapman October 2019 Chart

Bryan-Chapman DJ Chart

  1. Jessica Kert – Twin Peaks (Atmophile Electronics)
  2. Bryan Chapman – Nimrala (EPMmusic)
  3. The Plant Worker – Omicron 2 (ATT Series)
  4. Electric Rescue – White Valley (Virgo)
  5. Arnaud Le Texier – Push / Joachim Spieth Remix (Children Of Tomorrow)
  6. Terrence Dixon – Vertical Hold (30D Records)
  7. Ventress – Typhon / Svreca Remix (Edit Select)
  8. Agonis – Maschinenlogik / Marco Shuttle Remix (Amenthia Recordings)
  9. Uun – The Vanity Trap (Soma)
  10. ASC – Arsenic Bite (Auxiliary)

DJs, submit your top 10 chart along with a photo and we’ll publish.

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